Love For First Sight

Is about a girl name Scarlett she's 14 years old her dad left her mom was during pregnancy she has been bullying for 6 years straight and Scarlett is always depressed but will that change when Scarlett meet the "Hot pop star Justin Bieber"? Did they fall in love with each other? At the concert? And mostly when she was pick being the one less lonely girl! Read to find out more about they're love life ! #muchlove @michelleeeb__


13. Love me like you do


so we decide to go home and forget everything because I really do love him suddenly we got home and a lot of papz was there justin put his sunglasses on since he been crying and his eyes were puffy and mines too and when we got out some of them push me down and justin tense up fast "wtf man respect my gf!" Jay say "or what bieber" one of the pap say while smirking justin help me up and hold me with his hands on my waist and I whisper on his ear "they're not worth it" he smile then he softly let a peck kiss on my neck that make me crazy I just giggle while he been so sweet when we got inside the house he push me against a wall and started making out everything was getting pretty heated he started sucking on my sweet spot and carising my thigh he told me to jump on him which I did and he press his body more and started whispering "love me like you do" he started taking out my shirt and he try to take off my bra which I help him "tease me tease " jay say me- babe ugh *moans* I took his v-neck and started sucking on his sweet spot and he moaned so loud that I started seeing his buckle popping out I just giggle while he smirks he say "babe I'm all yours love me like you do love me like there's nothing left to loose will you choose me right?" I started to get pretty horny and I start unbuckle his jeans and pull it fast down "babe let me do it ok?" While he put his boxer down he put a condom and put it inside me I moaned in pleasure "justy to faster" but then he say "moan my name bae" he went roughly I never knew jerry can be this big he went so fast that we were all sweaty I started moaning "JUUSSSSTIN GOO FASTER FASTER!" "Yeah like that baby say it louder!" He went so deep inside me that he was moaning and I felt my legs like jelly but it felt so good he went faster and faster while I stop him I put jerry inside my mouth while giving him a blow job he moaned so loud that I didn't thought it was possible he say "babe faster faster!!!" While he took my hair and pulled it I started doin it faster while he cum on me "yeah baby drink it all" I drank it and I stop and I put my legs on his torso while he grab my ass and squeezed it hair while I gasped he put his tounge on my mouth while exploring each other mouths he says " I love you baby and we stop and lay down In bed while he put his hands on my waist and while I was finally put into a deep sleep since I was tired he sing to me "love me like you do" and with that everything went black. 

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