Love For First Sight

Is about a girl name Scarlett she's 14 years old her dad left her mom was during pregnancy she has been bullying for 6 years straight and Scarlett is always depressed but will that change when Scarlett meet the "Hot pop star Justin Bieber"? Did they fall in love with each other? At the concert? And mostly when she was pick being the one less lonely girl! Read to find out more about they're love life ! #muchlove @michelleeeb__


5. JB concert (2)

While justin was doing his little dance around me while singing it I got butterflies when he touch me and when he grabs my hand and all that but when he kissed my cheeks I see sparks omg why do I feel this way?!?!

*everyone screams and cheared*

when I didn't notice the song was done and his back dancers brought me in the back I couldn't believe that this happen my eyes went wide when I say the only one Justin Bieber 

*he sees me and smiles*

justin- hey *shy*

me- *blushes* hi...

justin- aw no need to be blushing babe

me- *blushing even harder*

justin- *laughs and hugs me* please stay here don't leave I want to talk to you

me- ok I won't *smiles*


*justin looks back* * his eyes wide when he saw who it was

scooter- please Hurry up! 

Justin- ok ok *rolles his eyes playfully*

scooter- um... Who's this? *with a questioned look*

justin- this is my OLLG... *blushes*

scooter- aw ok ok go before I kick your ass 

*stand there awkwardly*

justin- ok ok

*justin runs back to the stage*

scooter- come here this is justin dress room *smiles*

me- ok *smiles back*

actually scooter seems like a nice person but I just can't believe justin talk to me or even be in his dress room!?? I think this is a dream so I did something stupid

*pitch myself*

Me- ow! *rubs my arm* I guess this is reality....

*45 minutes goes on*

*POVS Justin's*

i finally finished my last song I was so happy because I wanted to see my OLLG 

me-bye guys and I love you Stratford Canada drive save and NEVER SAY NEVER!

*goes back stage*

*goes to my dressing room*

i see the beautiful girl I met before and I smile warmly

me- hey um?....

scarlett- omg where's my manners but my names Scarlett nice to meet you! 

Me- haha that's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl *winks*


aw she's blushing over me like who wouldn't? I'm perfect haha

 me- someone blushing *winks and smirk*

scarlett- stop it justin *giggles*

oh her laugh is so beautiful that got me lost for a minute which sounds like millions of years 

scarlett- hello earth to justin??? *laughs*

me- *blushes* sorry I was too caught up with your beauty

scarlett- so cheesy but so cute *cooed* 

me- *laughs*


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