Love For First Sight

Is about a girl name Scarlett she's 14 years old her dad left her mom was during pregnancy she has been bullying for 6 years straight and Scarlett is always depressed but will that change when Scarlett meet the "Hot pop star Justin Bieber"? Did they fall in love with each other? At the concert? And mostly when she was pick being the one less lonely girl! Read to find out more about they're love life ! #muchlove @michelleeeb__


21. I love you

*POVS Justin's*

the next morning I woke up I looked at me hid king her waist I look down and I didn't have nothing wow I remember everything even though I was drunk I gave plenty of kisses and she smile me- good morning beautiful s- good morning I was going to kiss her but then she stop me I pouted she say s- morning breath sorry me-idc I want a kiss I pouted she giggle god I didn't know how much I miss her giggles s- too bad bieber *smirks* she runs off the bathroom I decide to get up and went downstairs with my boxers in I was making breakfast when I heard a knock I open the door and there was an angry Austin a- wtf your doing here?! Me- um where I suppose to be? A- don't play me bieber where's my girlfriend?! Me- bathroom and your not welcome cause she's mine and fuck her yesterday *smirks* at the perfect timing scarlett came down looking as beautiful as ever she gulp me-hi babe s- justin stop Austin I can't be with you I always love justin I never stop loving him a- babe you can't do this?!? Me- bye bye Mahone *smirks* a- I come back for you watch me- no you won't and I close the door to his face s- I screwed up again me- what you meant? S- I cam back to you when I shouldn't god I kiss her and she kiss back I just smile during the kiss me- I love you babe s- I love you too we went to eat and when we finished we decide to go to the movies me- babe dress up while kissing her neck s- ook baby be right back I got up and put my black pants and a white v neck and some white supras and my hat and I saw scarlett dress in black skinny jeans with red shirt that you can see her belly the shirt says "love me" I laugh at her she's so cute with her swag s- what is there something wrong? Me- no your just beautiful I kiss her cheek and she blushed me- aw someone blushing *winks* s- I'm not! Haha we got out with our hands intirwined we got to my black car and drove off to the movies since we got there we went inside and decided to watch "divergent" I paid for it so it can be only me and scarlett with no fans we got food and went to see it 

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