Love For First Sight

Is about a girl name Scarlett she's 14 years old her dad left her mom was during pregnancy she has been bullying for 6 years straight and Scarlett is always depressed but will that change when Scarlett meet the "Hot pop star Justin Bieber"? Did they fall in love with each other? At the concert? And mostly when she was pick being the one less lonely girl! Read to find out more about they're love life ! #muchlove @michelleeeb__


18. Ellen's show big surprise!

*POVS Scarlett's*

So today I have an interview with Ellen she's my favorite! Me and Austin are pretty much happy together but I feel like I'm missing something but I wanted to forget about justin I meant do I really? Usher- ready? Me- more than ever! Usher- hahaha  ok let's go you have to be in 5,4,3,2,1 e- let's present one of the most talented person that got in 1st album on iTunes by 10 minutes! Here is scarlett! I waved to everyone and came to Ellen me- hi Ellen I miss you! E- same here sweetheart so how's with you and Austin? Me- we're actually ready good we're happy together everyone aw e- good to hear that we're glad! Me- same here haha e- so this is your new look? Your look amazing! Everyone says your on the top 1 in Hollywood by looks and body plus singing *winks* me- haha thanks! E- so we made a little video of boys reaction when they see you plus they're on top Hollywood! The names are justin bieber, Austin Mahone, zayn Malik,Harry styles me- me hahah ok..... E- don't worried they don't bite and I know you had history for bieber but let's see what he thinks ok? Me- ok... *video shows up* e- ok so in here we show him the pic omg all I could see was justin mouth dropped j- tthhatt sscaarrleett? She's the sexiest and hottest person I ever saw and scarlett if your seeing this I want to say ily no matter what if your dating Austin everyone in the crowd aw I just look down and smile Austin video was up since we haven't been seeing each other since he has his world tour a- omg my baby looks amazing! I love you beautiful while he was blushing everyone cheered I just giggle e- we see that we have a war here don't we? Everyone started going crazy then zayn Malik video came up I had to say he's pretty handsome z- *mouth drops* CAN I HAVE HER?!?!? Wow I never seen such a beautiful young woman! Wow just wow! I laugh how adorable he was

n me- omg so many cute comments! E- Ikr! Next was Harry styles h- gosh she's 

beautiful my love I think I just saw an angel! *screams* zayn she's mine! I just laugh so laugh that

everyone join e- see we not the only one who thinks your beautiful to be honest your

hotter than Beyoncé ! Me- oh gosh! *blush* e- so scarlett can you sing a song for us?

Me- sure! I'm doing bottle you up :) 


if loving you were a crime I'd do the hardest time you are perfection I yell it every time you

know it kills me I can't always be right here cause right now you love me then you disappear 

wish I could always have you here with me you said you hold you never let it leave wish I could put it away save it for a rainy day wish I could bottle you up I wanna hear your voice indeed of 

me I drink you in and you're alive in me and I could put it away save it for a rainy day wish I coulld

bottle you up e- thanks for your performing it was amazing right guys?! Everyone scream my

name hahah me- thanks guys sorry I did half! E- is ok! So wanna tell us what is "butterflies"

album about?! I started getting nervous because is about justin me- is um about when you really

love that person and you're really attracted to them and you can't let go because they're mean so much but then they decide not to love you anymore and your trying to move on but someone they can't e- is this about justin bieber? I meant is pretty obvious! Shit they got me... Me- um yes

it's about justin but you know I have an amazing relationship right now and I'm happy 

*POVS Justin's* 

so the surprise that Ellen made was me for scarlett she's trying to help us so when I hear the 

song "bottle you up" I started crying because she sounds so hurt like me she's all that matters 

to me right now and she says what the album right now and that broke my heart but when she say it was about me but then my smile disappear when she say she's in an amazing relationship with Austin I hate him e- so scarlett we have a surprise for you! Scarlett- I want to know! Omg lol

e- ok here it goes! Here comes the one and only justin bieber! I came in and smile at the fans

and waved and hug Ellen and started was shock and didn't know what to say she stood quiet 

me- hi babe.. Everyone gasped e- stop flirting Justin she has a man *pretend to care* scarlett- 

don't call me babe I have Austin everyone was laughing me- baby please I made a song for you I whisper in her ear she just gave in e- so justin is going to do is single name "all that matters" 

obviously is about scarlett! Haha scarlett stood quiet wanted to leave 


Oh oh oh just as sure stars in the sky need you to show me the light not just for a mean while 

but for a long long time better believe it oh oh whenever your not in my present it feels like I'm 

missing my blessings yeah so I sleep thought the daylight and stay awake all night tell you beg 

again me- thanks guys! I got sit down and place my hands on her thigh scarlett- *whispers* stop it! Me- why baby don't act like you don't love it e- omg such an amazing song! Guys buy it oniTunes! I just giggle e- scarlett you like your present? I just look at scarlett before saying anything else she gulp scarlett- I guess.... I smile like and idiot but me and scarlett need to talk

*POVS Scarlett's*

when justin came in I was in shock I just stood there while he look at me and Ellen then he start talking to me calling me baby like no but then I nodded in response not trying to make an scene and when I heard the lyrics and his song it was amazing like the justin I know but yet I remember what he did to me and just shrugs it off just put his hands on me and I felt sparks please tell me I ain't falling for him... He keeps saying sexy things in his ear and It tickles me so when the show ended I decided to walk faster back to my car while papz attacking me asking my question if I'm back with justin and you know but then someone grabs my waist and took me away from the papz and put me in a dark hall which I was scared but then I heard this familiar voice saying ?- is me babe then it know it was justin me- first of all let me go and second don't call me baby I'm not yours j- you would be me mine just wait *smirks* he  grab my ass and I don't know is like he has this spell over me that I got ontop of him while he was grinding on me j- I want you so bad baby he started making out with me and sucking my sweet spot I moan in pleasure since I had a dress he put it up where he can see perfectly my nipples and he started biting and sucking on each one and he put his pants down and boxer and put jerry In me he say j- say my name while moaning I say me- justin juSTIN JUSTIN!!! J- yes like that babe to be honest I miss him and he was so good at this he went deeper and deeper and going so fast that I didn't know it was possible j- god your so good babe I miss you and kiss me and I felt sparks but then I remember what I was doing and i stop him me- justin stop we can't do this oh god I can't believe you prank me! I hate you! J-don't act like you didn't love it to be honest I did but I'm with Austin I put my dress down and got off of him and say me- I can't see you anymore stop searching for me cause

I'm not coming back! Justin looked so hurt and he started crying putting us boxer and and pants and started saying j- babe I miss us I miss you please come back he hold me but I can't do this anymore me- I'm sorry I make sure to put my dress properly and not look like I just had sex I so regret this I love Austin not justin but my mind keeps saying justin j- I love you I will always love you! Babe I can't sleep without you I can't me-justin please stop I looked down hurt too  


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