We enter this world Alone,
We leave this world Alone,
So it's better to be Alone.


3. teacher

My eyes traveled around the small classroom in search of a chair. The one that caught my eye was the classic 'back-corner-of-the-room' chair, although not wanting to be too predictable. You know, new shy kid sitting in the back ignoring everybody, I brought my stuff to the mid center of the class. I have no idea why I did so, i have no intentions on meeting new people or making friends, nor do I want to talk or even be in the presents of the acne ridden teenagers, but for some reason I have the idea that these people already had their minds made up about me and who I am, or that they were trying to get some kind of feel on who I am and sitting in the back of the room would either have their minds made about me, or confirm the thoughts they have already made about me. And what I am trying to figure out is if because of the little 'conversation' out in the hall with Harry, they all have the idea that I'm tough, trying to be tough, or just trying too hard in general. None of which Ian am or want to be so I suppose that's why I chose the middle of the room. If that even makes sense, in my little over thought world it does, at least.

I pull out my pencil and notepad, mindlessly drawling cartoons of little creachers my mind likes to make up. Ignoring everyone as they form their groups and sit with their friends. Much to my delight, no one sat by me. A small smile formed on my lips as I continued to drawl, the some what innocent looking drawling turning dark and twisted, as all my pictures do when I get too happy or cocky and in most cases when I'm pissed. I don't know why It just turns out that way, but it's fine. somehow I can manage to drawl goblins covered in blood and eating someone's internal organs but still, in my mind have it look adorable. Maybe I'm just sick and twisted. Probably that.

Finally, the percing ringing of the school bell goes off, sending all the chatting students into silence. The teacher stood from her wooden desk in the corner of the room and slowly made her way to the front of the class, examining the groups looking like she was picking which of us would cause the most trouble. Her dull lifeless eyes settled on me, they flickered down to my notepad and back up to me. " you miss, what's your name?" She asked as a boney finger lifts and is pointed in my direction. "ebony Thomas" I stated dry and simple. Her eyes went to a clipboard in her other hand as she skimmed through the dozens of names written in fancy, well practiced cursive writing. "Come to the front, and bring that with you" she orders, pulling her eyes off her clipboard and drops them on me again.

I stood up, notepad in hand and made my way to the front of the room. All eyes plastered on me. I stopped I front of the teacher. "Hand it here" she said blankly with her hand out. I placed the notepad in her hand and watched as she examined the goblins and gremlins pulling apart bodies and sinking their teeth in human flesh. Although, she seemed Unphased by the image in her hands. Her eyes flicked back up to me as she dropped the notepad back in my hands. " I could send you to the guidance office for this little drawling that seems more important than your work, considering you drew it in your notepad" my eyes immediately role at her words, and at the fact we haven't started class but she thinks I don't care.

" but I'm not going to" she then pulls the glasses balance on the top of her head and places them on the bridge of her nose. "No, instead you are going to write a two page paper on what is going on in this drawling" my eyes widen, of corse she's that kind of teacher. " your kidding me right?" I ask in disbelief "no I'm not, two pages due tomorrow or detention" I let out a little laugh, this seemed to anger her though " fine" I chuckled "two pages, may I ask though, does this two page paper need to be school appropriate considering the drawling isn't?" I smirked, examining my nails, just to piss her off. " no, it does not, and it will not count for a grade either"

" alright" I smiled and turned on my heel and walking to my desk, I plopped down at my chair, slapping my notepad on the desk in front of me. I looked up and gave the teacher a fake smile as she glared at me. I put my elbows on the desk and linked my fingers together, and rested my chin of my hands "it's gonna be a hell of a story" I smirked away, amused at her annoyance and anger towards me. She turned and started preaching her rules and requirements for class, clearly still pissed, I put her in a hell of a mood.

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