We enter this world Alone,
We leave this world Alone,
So it's better to be Alone.


2. no one causes my happiness

The sun beamed through the crooked crack in the dark curtains I've only hung up yesterday. One ray just perfectly laid over my eyes, as if to taunt me, that I'd have to be in the presents of other people today, that obviously didn't want me anyway. I could blame them though, I don't very much care for myself either.

I pushed myself up, sitting in a dazed, tired confusion, as I gazed into the rest of the near empty room, that seemed to be pitch black, unlike the unfortunate light that managed to only find it's way to my eyes.

My eyes adjusted to the darkness easily, considering that's were most of my time is spent. Alone, in the dark.but I prefer that anyway. People cause too much pain to have them in your life. I've known from experience.

I pushed the thoughts away And walked to one of the boxes labeled 'clothes'. I ripped the tape off of the top and pulled back the flaps. Looking down, I didn't have much of a choice to make. I wear the same thing all the time: black skinny jeans, black shirt. Occasionally I'll try a little more, like today. First day, can't look like complete shit.

In return, my solution is to wear: black shorts and red checkered belt, black fishnets, black combat boots, a black T-shirt that has go away written in red ( to get the point across) and red and black stripped biker gloves.making sure to add a heavy layer of mascara and eye liner around my eyes for good measure.

I plopped back down on my bed and took my now fully charged phone off the charger and checked the time. I had to squint in order to see, the damn thing was bright. 7:30 flashed on the screen, telling me I had to go. I grabbed my bag and slung it over my shoulder, walking out into the horrible daylight at the other end of my front door.

As I walked I got strange looks from other people. I didn't mind though, that meant they won't try to talk to me. And the need to be alone is slowly getting easier just by walking past people. That's one thing that I've observed over the years, dress weird, act rude and you get left alone. That's why I dress like this and act the way I act. It all works in my favor.

As I entered the school all eyes were on me, not a single face looking away and I could see in their faces they were scared. A little smirk turned on the corners of my lips as I walked deeper in to the crowd of people. They stepped aside and watched me closely as I made my way to the office. Only little whispers were heard, I liked it though, the unusual silence.

I walked threw the office door and up to the front desk. " hello love" the lady smiled, it was fake I could tell but, she still seemed nice."hey" I mumbled looking at the woman. She was short, and a bit,(how to say this nicely?) thick. With small red classes and short blond hair.

" you must be Ebony, we were expecting you today" she smiled " uh yeah" I said rubbing the back of my neck. She turned and grabbed a stack of books behind her and handed them to me, tapping the paper on the top " here is your schedule, it has all your classroom numbers, teachers names, and the subject they teach" I nodded looking at the paper.

" you can go to your locker now, the number and combination is on there too" i nodded again " k thanks" I said as I turned on my heel walking out of the office. Everyone was in the same spot starring at the door to the office, well now me. I shrugged and put on a unamused face as I made my way to my locker.

I put in my combination and shoved all unneeded books in. As soon as I closed my locker someone flipped me around and smashed my back into the locker. " well, well who is this" a deep voice said in a teasing tone over my head. I looked up to see a tall boy with bright green eyes and dark brown curly hair.

He smirked down at me, I laughed " well fucktard, this is none of your business" I pushed him away and started to walk away. " I don't think you understood" he growled and grabbed my wrist, tugging me against his chest. " no" I growled back and ripped away my wrist. " I don't think you understand" I shoved him back making him stumble backwards.

A chorus of 'oh's went though the hall. The boy looked annoyed as he regained his balance " then tell me, what do I need to understand " he questioned as a taunting smile played on his lips. " you need to understand to stay away from me" I growled.

He laughed at me " and if I don't" he crossed his arms, starring down at me. " if you don't your life will be a living hell" I didn't wait for him to snicker another remark to me, just walked away down the hall. " I'm Harry by the way" he yelled. I flipped him off as I walked into my first class.

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