We enter this world Alone,
We leave this world Alone,
So it's better to be Alone.


7. 7

" hey " Louis yells running after me.

Just as i got to the stair well he grabs my wrist pulling me back.

"what!" i yell at him, trying to pull my wrist back.

"remember what I said?" he questions tugging me closer and holding me against him by my waist.

"yeah, but that doesn't mean I'm fucking gonna listen to you" I growled, pushing against his chest to try and get away.

"what did i say?" he said without raising his voice.

I ignored him, still trying to push him away.

"What did I say?" He said harsher, making me flinch slightly at the sudden volume increase.

"You said I can't leave" I growled getting pissed off and pushing harder to get him away, sadly though, it wasn't working.

"No, I didn't tell you you couldn't leave I told you, you need to calm down first"  I looked up at him confused.

"So if I calm down I can leave?" I questioned unconvinced

"yes" he nodded

"okay then, I'm calm, let me go" I shot at him.

He chuckled shaking his head.

"No your not"

"Yes I am, look, just look at how fucking calm I am"

He laughed shaking his head.

"No your not, if you were calm you wouldn't be cursing" he says narrowing his eyes at me.

"so what i curse?" I said a bit of a bitchy tone.

"Cursing isn't good for girls" He said, making me roll my eyes.

"See look and your not calm anyway your rolling your eyes" He points out.

"Yeah because your pissing me off" I growl, he just rolls his eyes back at me and says.

"Yeah, yeah what ever you say princess" he laughed.

I clenched my fists against his chest

"Don't call me that!" I yell, making him smile.

"I can tell I'll be having you for awhile" he laughs, grabbing my wrist and dragging me down the stairs.

"Where the hell are you taking me!" I yelled as he pulled me out side.

"My house" He smirked, dragging me over to his car.

"No fucking way! What about Harry, and that other guy" I said as he dropped me in the passenger street and closed the door.

"They'll catch up with us later, I my dearest need to make you calm down. And it seems I'll have to try something else, because talking's not working" He smirks, sitting in the drivers side and speeding off.


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