We enter this world Alone,
We leave this world Alone,
So it's better to be Alone.


6. 6

Louis pulled me into the men's bathroom by my wrist. I struggled and wriggled to try and get free.

" let me go" I growled once again.

"No" he laughed at me, picking me up by my waist and sitting me on the grey counter.

A sink was on either side of me, so I was careful not to get wet as I struggled. I wriggled my hips that were held to the counter by Louis.

He laughed at me again.

" I would stop doing that if I were you"

" why" I breathed looking up at him with a pure death glare.

He smirked and leaned in close next to my ear.

" because I like it" he whispered huskily in my ear, making me cringe.

" disgusting" I said pushing him away from me. He shrugged and laughed.

" at least I warned you"

He pulled a ton of paper towels out from the dispenser and wet them in the sink.

" this is going to hurt love" he said holding my face up by my chin and bringing the towel to my cheek.

I flinched when the cool cloth touched a small scrape, instantly stinging it.

"Sorry love" he mumbled continuing to clean dried blood off of my face.

" don't call me that" I growled, glaring at him with angered eyes. I am anything but love, no need to call me what I am not.

He ignored me though, pretending he didn't hear me as he threw away a red towel and picked up another clean one.

We sat in silence until he was finished.

" done". He huffed, throwing away the last towel and lifting me back up by my waist and setting me down gently on the floor again.

" thanks" I mumbled quickly turning on my heal and running out into the hall again.

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