We enter this world Alone,
We leave this world Alone,
So it's better to be Alone.


5. 5

His hands dropped from my sides, landing with the rest of him on the cold tiles. I calmed myself by taking deep breaths as I let my hands drop to his chest. I closed my eyes tight as guys walked up and patted me on the back, calling me a badass or telling me watching me fight was hot. Girls would walk by and call me a bitch.

One girl with blond hair, and obviously fake boobs/ass kneeled down next to Harry.

" oh my god, is he ok, poor baby" she cooed caressing his cheek.

I don't know why but it angered me. Her touching Harry.

" cold heartless bitch" she growled at me

" get off of him"she said trying to push me off.

"GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM HIM!" I yelled, spitting in her face.

She scoffed at me.

"Me, your the one who hurt him"

I growled, jumping from my spot on Harry's stomach and tackled the blond to the floor. I gripped her by her throat, and picked her head up, just to smash it into the floor.

" YOU THINK I DONT KNOW THAT" I yelled repeating my actions.

" wow wow calm down" a thick Irish accent said, picking me up by waist, bringing the girl with me, because I refused to let go.

As soon as we were up on our feet the boy ran and grabbed my hands trying to make me let go.

" crazy bitch" she coughed and gasped for air again.

" that's it" I yelled and rammed her into the wall, escaping the little Irish boys grasp.

I held her down by the neck with one hand, and punching her repeatedly with the other. She reached her hands up to mine and tried to pull my hand away from her neck so she could breath.

" you stay away from him, don't talk to him, don't talk about him, don't talk about this" I growled continuing to pound on her already bloodied face.

" Louis get over here" the Irish boy yelled running back to me, trying to tug me away from the girl by my waist.

I felt another pair of large hands on me only seconds later, one held my wrist, the other attached to the hand burrowing in the girls neck, attempting to pull me away from her.

" damn she's strong" the other one, Louis I think it was, struggled.

Finally unlatching me from the beaten girl as she dropped to the floor. Her neck has bruised already, her face was indescribably terrible.blood gushing from every corner of her face, as she gasped of breath.

" she's fucking crazy" she coughed as another guy, I didn't know picked her up and started walking her away.

" crazy, I'll show you fucking crazy" I yelled, darting towards her.

Just before I got there a pair of arms snaked around my waist and pulled me back.

" oh no you don't" someone said pulling me into his grip, refusing to let go.

" get off" I struggled, damn he was strong " come on, let me the fuck go"

I growled trying to squirm from his grip.

" no" he replied, holding me tighter

"Why the hell not" I said, still fighting to leave, honestly feeling weak.

" because you need to calm down, and she needs to leave" he said and looked over to the blond Irish boy.

" check on Harry" he said simply

" why the fuck do I need to calm down" I growled, still squirming

" because we don't need you tearing off what's left off her pretty face now do we" he chuckled.

He leaned over my shoulder to reveal himself, I huffed, it was Louis.

" well her face isn't so pretty anymore is it"

He laughed " I think someone's jealous"

I scoffed " yeah. Guess again"

I looked over to the Irish one, who didn't seem so happy with Harry's appearance.

" I think he needs a nurse"he muttered, standing up and jogging down to the nurses office.

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