Movella Reviews

So, this is like real, actual condtructive critism. So this will be telling what could be better, what you could do better, and what was good. So, just tell me your movella, finished or in progress, and then I'll check it out!

(I am open to coauthors for this)


8. Unwanted

I overall enjoyed reading this story. But I have a few suggestions for you. It may help improve your writing.

1) Try to make descriptions flow. Instead of just plain out saying them in a boring an unappealing way, make it a big more enjoyable by working small little descrpitions around, so the reader gets a clear view of the character, but doesn't get overloaded. Remember, one word speaks for many!

2) I would suggest checking your writing. The plot is good, but I can see a few run on sentences, and a few sentence fragments. Also, I would try to make things a bit clearer.

Otheriwse, the plot is very enjoyable so far! Keep writing it! 

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