Movella Reviews

So, this is like real, actual condtructive critism. So this will be telling what could be better, what you could do better, and what was good. So, just tell me your movella, finished or in progress, and then I'll check it out!

(I am open to coauthors for this)


10. The Barbie Project

Isis is amazing. Edith's personality Is already showing through. Her voice is platent and easily showing, and her personality isn't what you would always expect. I also love how the popular girls don't outcast Edith, but try talking yo her, and trying to add her to thier clique. You've hearf the fantabulous news. Now for the other news.

The fonting and formatting for this story is phenominal. But some wierd dialouge things have been happening. When dialouge could easily be put in the paragraph before, where it would still fir, you decide to go to the nexf page. This is a huge pet peeve of mine. Otheriwse, I can only say,



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