Movella Reviews

So, this is like real, actual condtructive critism. So this will be telling what could be better, what you could do better, and what was good. So, just tell me your movella, finished or in progress, and then I'll check it out!

(I am open to coauthors for this)


3. Fairy Tales...Or Are They?

This is a well thought out movella so far, but I do have a few suggestions.

1) First off, every time a person talks, it should be a new paragraph, this is just typical writing format.

2) Maybe, as of the second chapter, I know that's more of an introduction of the character, but it would flow better if as you progress, you would incorporate those facts into the story, so we know them, but it flows better.

But, I overall think this movella is going to be great as it progresses!


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