Dylan was happy with Derek she loved him but she caught him sleeping with another girl, then he hits her! Will she be able to take him back after all, loves about forgiveness but then Niall Horan comes into the picture will he just get in the way of Dylan and Derek's "happy" relationship? or will Derek get in the way of Dylan being truly happy? Love does have its ways, to anyone willing to listen...


2. strange hotel room...

i slowly opened my eyes then i saw light which hurt my eyes so i quickly shut them then i tried again and sat up to see that i was lying in a bed in a really nice hotel room. I stood up and went to the mirror and saw my reflection and gasped my right cheek had 2 giant bruises that were in the exact shape of a hand and my makeup was smudged. i went to the bathroom and carfully whipped my face trying to avoid my bruises then i relized that i have no fucking clue where i am so i started to panic i ran to the window to see a whole bunch of screaming girls and once they saw me they started freaking out and screaming more so i got scared and ran out the door and out the back of the hotel then i knew exactly where i was so i ran home. 

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