Dylan was happy with Derek she loved him but she caught him sleeping with another girl, then he hits her! Will she be able to take him back after all, loves about forgiveness but then Niall Horan comes into the picture will he just get in the way of Dylan and Derek's "happy" relationship? or will Derek get in the way of Dylan being truly happy? Love does have its ways, to anyone willing to listen...


3. Niall

Max George's POV:

Me and Nathan walked up to our hotel room to check on the girl the rest of the boys were at the studio recording we opened the door to find no one."hello" I yelled thinking she might be in a different room"are you here?" Nathan yells no answer so we look around and see that she is not in this room "we'll at lest our hotel isn't far from the ice cream shop so she probably knows where she's going and went home" Nathan told me "ya probably let's go back to the studio"I replied

Dylan's POV:

I was running down the street about 2 blocks away from my house I turned a corner and BAM! I collided with someone and were both on the ground "I am so so sorry" I say nervously getting up hiding my face so who ever can't see the bruise and I just want to go home and questions would just hold me up then I see that he was with 4 other guys ad must I say that all if them were pretty fucking hot "it's fine are you ok?" The one I bumped into asked I looked at him and saw that he had blond hair an big blue eyes I've never seen any eyes that color before they were so blue"oh ya I'm fine are you?" I asked feeling really stupid he just laughed and said "ya I'm fine" then one of the other boys with brow hair and eyes interrupted"umm sorry to interrupt but we have to go Paul gave us a time limit to be back at the hotel for" "I'll be on my way then" I said feeling like an absolute idiot "wait can I have your number?" The blond boy said "sure" I replied smiling an we both exchanged numbers then I ran home.

~the next day~

I woke up and got dressed in black ripped skinny jeans and a big Eminem t-shirt so I put an elastic at the back and tucked it under the shirt then I brushed my hair and teeth then put cover up on my face and you can't even notice that the bruises are there then I put eye liner and mascara and a pink baby lips on. I decided that I'm going to go to a restaurant for breakfast and go to the closest one which is Breakfast in Bed I walk in and seat myself then order a coke and chocolate chip pancakes. I look around and see the boys I saw yesterday in a booth beside me and the blond one smiled and waved at me so I did it back then my food came and I thanked the waitress and asked for a straw because I love drinking things from a straw and she can't back with it and I thanked her again. Once I finished my pancakes a different waitress came and I saw that it was Taylor my main bully "shit" I cursed under my breath "oh heyy Dylan gezz... it never gets any easier to look at how discussing your face is" I look down and she takes my plates and pop and comes back with the check I'm about to pay when Taylor spoke up" so lol I should let you know that me and Derek were just a one time thing im perfectly happy with my boyfriend lol and im happy that your over because i hated seeing like such a hot guy dating a piece of shit like omg thats just terrible lol"I had tears in my eyes that were threatening to fall so I looked down and paid for the food with out leaving a tip then ran out the door I ran to the closest park witch was dead empty so I sat on the swing and was just thinking then I got a text from a so called "Niall saying

Niall:heyy it's me the guy you ran into 😉

Dylan:oh heyy

Niall:wanna hang out at my hotel room with me and the boys also with their girl friends?

Dylan:sure when and were?

Niall: at 6 and Graces hotel room 1639

Dylan:ok be there soon

I looked at the time an saw that it was 5:45 so I ran back to my house and re did my makeup then drove to Graces hotel which had a lot of people outside singing random songs and holding signs and mostly screaming I tryed makeing my way through but everyone kept pushing me back at the 5th try I have up and texted Niall

Dylan:sorry I can't make it through to many people:(

Niall:meet me at the back door and ill let you in

I walked to the back door and saw Niall holding the door open I smiled and thanked him. We made our way up to the room him telling random jokes and learning more about each other we walked in the hotel room and 7 pairs of eyes were on me I got scared a bit and looked down then I got engulfed in a group hug by everyone I got caught by surprise and Would of fallen but there were people behind me who kept me strait once everyone let go they all interdicted them selfs "hello love I'm Louis" one if the boys said "and I'm Eleanor" a really pretty girl said standing next to Louis smiling at me I smiled back "I'm Harry" another one of the boys said" I'm Zayn and this is my lovely fiancé Perrie" the both smiled at me and I smiled back "I'm Liam and ...Sophia get over here and meet Nialls friend" Liam said inpatient "why she's probably just another fan pretending to like one of the boys to meet the rest" Sophia said annoyed "I'm sorry about her just I a bad mood I guess" Liam apologized I smile an nodded my head understandingly we all decided to watch a movie and play truth or dare we put on my favorite movie Peter Pan and sat on the carpet in a circle Louis went first "Dylan truth or dare?" "Ummm... I guess truth" i answered" what is your biggest secret?" I sighed" I've honestly never told anyone this before and I mean anyone but when I was 13 I was so depressed and insecure I use to... Well I use to cut myself" I said lookin down I felt arms wrapped around me embracing me in a side hug I look up and see that it's Niall and everyone was silent exept for Sophia "we'll boo hoo so has a lot if people" she said annoyed but that made me look down embarrassed that's when Liam made Sophia leave and I got a call from Derek I hit ignore but he kept calling me by the 7th time I went in the hall and answered it

Dylan:what the fuck do you want?

Derek:please please take me back I'm lost with out you(he sounded like he'd been crying

Dylan:no you hit me me... Twice!

Derek: I know it was a huge mistake and I'm so so sorry please forgive me I love you

Dylan:(silence) I-I don't think I can. Then hung up I sunk down against the wall till I was sitting on the floor then put my face down resting on my knees that were pulled up to my chest I was so stressed about Derek and Taylor.

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