Dylan was happy with Derek she loved him but she caught him sleeping with another girl, then he hits her! Will she be able to take him back after all, loves about forgiveness but then Niall Horan comes into the picture will he just get in the way of Dylan and Derek's "happy" relationship? or will Derek get in the way of Dylan being truly happy? Love does have its ways, to anyone willing to listen...


4. Forgivness?

I got up and walked back into the room, "hey guys I've got to go" I told them. Niall came and gave me a hug and asked "do you want me to walk you home?" I smiled at the thought but replied "no I'll be fine but thanks" I told him the added "alright bye everyone!" I got lots of byes back then walked out the door and made my way home. Once I arrived, my door was wide open, someone broke in, I ran inside to see if they took anything and saw Derek sleeping at my dinner table with flowers in one hand "Derek..." I whispered he jumped startled which made me jump because I really didn't think he would hear me once we both calmed down he got on his knees I front of me and pleaded "Dylan please please forgive me, I'm so stupid for everything I've done to hurt you I love you so much, your my everything would you please take me back?" I looked down at him tears starting to stream down my face "ok.. I'll take you back" me instantly smiled, grabbed my waist picking me up and spun me around then we kissed very passionately. "Let have a movie day eh?" Derek suggested "yes, how about we start with Nightmare On Elm Street?" He kissed me and replied" anything for you love" he went to put the movie on while I changed into short grey shirts and a tan top. I ran into my room and cuddled up with him we stopped paying attention to the movie because we were in a huge make out session and then next thing I know we were naked on top if each other having sex. (After) we were cuddled up in each other's arms listening to our heartbeats and all of a sudden Niall popped into my mind making me regret everything.

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