Dylan was happy with Derek she loved him but she caught him sleeping with another girl, then he hits her! Will she be able to take him back after all, loves about forgiveness but then Niall Horan comes into the picture will he just get in the way of Dylan and Derek's "happy" relationship? or will Derek get in the way of Dylan being truly happy? Love does have its ways, to anyone willing to listen...


1. Derek and mystery guys;)

Dylan's POV:

 i walked into the ice cream shop with my head held low and ordered moose tracks then grabbed my ice cream and sat down at a booth in the back which was beside some boys but i took no notice . My phone rang, i looked at the caller id and saw that it was Derek, i hit ignore but he kept calling, after the 6th call i answered.

me: What do you want?!

 Derek: Please Dylan i;m so sorry for everything can you please give me another chance? i love you!

me: Ya i bet you weren't thinking about that when you were sleeping with Taylor or when you slapped me!

 Then Derek walked into the ice cream shop and sat at my booth.

{Pause the story}

 I found out that my boyfriend Derek was cheating on me by walking in on him and Taylor(my biggest bully) having sex and we got into this huge argument and he slapped me in the face. I have a bruise on my cheek that is in the perfect shape of a hand. I would of put cover ip over it but it hurt too much so i just keep my face down. 

{Un pause the story}

 "Leave me alone Derek!" i yelled at him"No Dylan please hear me out it meant nothing and i know that both things i did were wrong, and a big mistake, i'm so sorry" Derek pleaded. I got up and walked away and that's when Derek lost it and caused a HUGE scene in the ice cream shop he started screaming at me"EXUSE ME BITCH, YOU DON'T JUST WALK AWAY WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU!" i looked at him suprised then replied at a some what whisper that was more like a plead "Derek please not here" he just laughed then started yelling again"NO WERE FUCKING DOING THIS HERE, YOUR A FUCKING WORTHLESS BITCH AND I DON'T NEED YOU... YOU FUCKING FAILURE!" i coward away a little with tears that are threatning to fall then i turned around and was about to bolt it out the the door but Derek grabbed my wrist and spun me around so i was facing him" You weren't planning on running anywhere while i'm still talking to you" he said i was so close to his face that i could smell the alcohol in his breath i just nodded my head with tears falling down my face cause im so scared he smiled a sick smile that made my stomach feel like throwing up he backed away from me a little and then he hit me right across my face with all his strength i was so shocked and in pain that i fell backwards and blacked out.



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