Never Let Go

When Ivy Fears was dragged to a concert by her friend ,Savanna, she saw her childhood friend and crush. Now with an old ex coming into play, what will poor Ivy do?


1. My Life

I sighed as I listened to Savanna rant about One Direction. I shook my head and got of the bed. Savanna stopped talking and frowned at me.

"Ivy, are you okay? You haven't been acting like yourself lately,"

"I'm fine, don't worry about it." She shrugged as she reached for her phone. I faintly heard her giggling. I walked to the bathroom and sat on the cold marble floor. Velvet red hair and jade green eyes were staring back at her. I turned away from the full body mirror.

All my life I've been abused by my father. Apparently I am responsible for my mothers death. Note the sarcasm. Only Savanna knew about it. Just because my dad did something nice doesn't mean he's a saint. I heard squealing and the door slammed open.

"I got tickets for ID!"


Sorry it's short!

3 likes and I'll update!

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