What Would happen if!! Book 1

What if James and Lily never died and Harry had a twin but they weren't the oldest?


5. The Train

Leah's POV

After what seemed like ages! We got to the station. All of us. Mum laughed as she saw her sister and brother in law with there son Dudley. He was fat and stupid. Most Likely to be expelled in less than a year. He looked odd in his Hogwarts robes. Mum made us go say hello. My Aunt smiled faintly when she saw us. You could tell the toll of a wizard son had hit her and she now knew she was wrong to treat mum like she did.

After boarding the train and unwillingly letting our cousin in the compartment. We had Ron, Harry, Dudley, myself , Tanner ( Sirius oldest son) Danny (Remus son) and Hermione. We say and talked. I snuck away to find my friend.

Friends POV

I heard her soft voice say hello and I turned slightly nobody would sit with me because of my father. She was my only friend here as she stepped in she closed the door and curtains. She pulled out all her stuff from the trolly and added it to my pile. We talked and laughed and messed around till we heard the ten minute whistle. She left to change then came back and said I just want you to know this will be hard but we can do this buddy! Then she kissed my cheek! We excited the train and found Hagrid. He took us to the boats. No more than two to a boat please! We found a boat near Hagrid and started rowing. The we hit land and walked toward the giant castle!

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