What Would happen if!! Book 1

What if James and Lily never died and Harry had a twin but they weren't the oldest?


18. The final feast.

Dumbledores POV

What a great year! Congratulations Slytherins for winning the house cup! But due to last minute events we have some points to be awarded! To miss Hermione jean Granger 50 points! For being able to get passed a lot of complex challenges! To Mr. Ronald Billius Weasley 50 points for the best game of chest and the willing to sacrifice himself for the well being of the school! To Mr. Harry James Potter I award 60 points for fighting a very hard challenge! Then to Miss Leah Lily Potter I award 50 points for helping many people along the way! To Draco Lucius Malfoy I award 20 points for never giving up! I believe it is a tie between Slytherin and Gryffindor am I right? Oh! Last but not least! To Mr. Neville Alexs LongBottom I award 10 points for the ability to stand up to both friends and enemy's in tough times! I believe that puts Gryffindor in the lead! Congratulations and let the feast begin!

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