What Would happen if!! Book 1

What if James and Lily never died and Harry had a twin but they weren't the oldest?


6. Sorting!

Leah's POV

Hey Mum! How was your trip here?

Lily's POV

Line up please sorting begins in five minutes there are four houses. Hufflepuff Ravenclaw Slytherin and Gryffindor. The hat chooses and that's that. Follow me!

First off was Dudley Dursley. The hat took about a minute then shouted Slytherin the student ever born to two muggles in Slytherin. Then Hermione granger. Gryffindor!!! Ronald Weasley Gryffindor!! So on down the line. Draco Malfoy Gryffindor!!! Leah Potter Gryffindor! Harry Potter the same! Then so on down the line.

Leah's POV

After supper went to my parents house. Everyone was there. Remus, Tonks their kids, Sirius wife( no Sirius) her children, the Weasleys, Snape, and other close friends. They told me Sirius was murdered....... I cried. I turned away and cried. He was like a second father to me and Harry. I took it worst than my dad. Harry just sat there in pure shock. I turned and ran. I ran to the boys dorm said I need to talk follow me now. I said between sobs. I ran to the seventh floor and found the wall and closed my eyes and relaxed between my sobs. I ran through the door and turned and fell into.......

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