What Would happen if!! Book 1

What if James and Lily never died and Harry had a twin but they weren't the oldest?


1. Seventeen years ago...

Lily's POV

James!!! James!!!! James!!!! It's positive! I am Pregnant!!!! We should go visit Madam Pruning! I can't help but be over joyed! We have exactly three months of school left and we are moving to Godric's Hallow. I will spend a few weeks with my Mum, Dad, and Petunia. James and I walked down to the hospital wing and told the Nurse she checked on my health and hen congratulate us on our babies. I asked babies? She said yes it is triplets. Oh my!!! I can't believe it! I am going to have three little ones in my. arms in about 8 months! James is the house big enough for five?!

A few hours later we told all of our friends and teachers. Everybody was shocked. I didn't care I had three growing little babies in me and I was happy. The next months flew by and soon it was time for our last day at Hogwarts. I would be returning in a few years as the new transfigurations teacher. James was going to be the Chaser for the Chuddly Cannons. Then I got pregnant and now he will work at the ministry. I have a part time job at the boom store near my new home. We found out that night we were expecting two little boys and a girl. I was over joyed. We made on last trip to Hogsmead and James walked me to our spot right out side the small town and to my surprise he proposed and of course I accepted! We boarded the train at 10:00 am and told our friends. Sirius, Remus, Peter, and I slipped away to tell my friend Severus. He looked pissed when I told him. I left quickly and soon we were at the station. I saw my Mum, dad, sister, and her fiancé Vernon. They saw my little baby bump and my ring. Mum and dad were happy Petunia was pissed. She shrieked, " Why would you want a strange children! They will always be different and creepy!" She stormed off with the fat boy following behind her.

Mum! Dad! Would you like to come see my new place with James and I? It is about an hours drive if you would meet is tere that would be lovely here's the address we will have supper ready! Thanks bye!

James POV

Lily can we name the boys after Sirius Allan Potter and Severus Dean Potter ? Then the girl Savannah Rose Potter? "I love the names!" She cried! With a pop they were home and preparing supper for her parents. Soon her mum and dad were there. They spoke of the names and how excited they were to have children. Soon they all retired to beds for the night. Lily rode with her parents back to their place. She put a protective spell on their house for safety. Then with a pop James put one on Petunia's house.

5 Months later. James my water Broke!! It's time let's go to St. Mungo's! After a long labor they were the parents to two little boys Sirius and Severus and a little Savannah Rose Potter!

Soon after we married and brought seven more kids into the world. We now have Savannah, Sirius, Severus, Maci, Max, Arthur, Harry, Leah, Alice, and Greyson.

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