What Would happen if!! Book 1

What if James and Lily never died and Harry had a twin but they weren't the oldest?


7. Him and the funeral.

Leah's POV

I fell into Draco's arms and cried. Harry would find us here. I didn't care. My life was upside down now. We planned revenge. I headed back to my moms office before Harry showed up. Draco waited to see of he would come there.

After cutting through a few secret passage way I was sitting on the floor on the other side of the painting waiting for who ever was in there to leave so I could cry to my mum. Being the snoopy person I was I listened in. I heard something about a dog named Fluffy guarding something of Nicholas Flamel. The voice disappeared as my mum yelled. "Damn it. What will I do? I need to protect it too. I need to do some work. Honey why don't you head to the room of requirement to get Harry. He needs you." Lily said softly.

Harry's POV

You little Bastard! You stay away from my sister! Your scum! You have no heart! I hate you and your filthy Ass whole dad and bitch of a Mum! She deserves so much more than you! Your a death eaters son! You son of a bitch! You will hurt her! You'll betray us in the end just like Peter did! That dumb ass got my godfather killed! Damn you! I sobbed the last two words.

James POV

HARRY JAMES POTTER! How dare you speak to someone like that! His parents in fact disowned him because he's a Gryffindor! I can't believe you! Draco my dear please head to my wife's office Leah will be awaiting there for you. Lily will explain what will happen at Christmas and at the end of the school year.

"Thanks," said teary eyed Draco.

Now Sirius funeral will be held here on the grounds. He will be buried by the Shrieking Shack. You will be asked to give a speech. As so with Leah and his kids. I will be talking for your mother and I. In the speech we will bring up something's from our break up after the triplets were born.

Sirius and your mother had a set of twins. It just so happens that they go to an all girls school for magic and an all boy school for magic. They will be coming here for the funeral. They know your mum and they knew Sirius. I will explain it to Lily later. Lily will be taking custody of the Black children when they arrive they are 16. They will attend Hogwarts. Oh and Draco will be living with us here at the castle until our house is finished and he will be moving in with us. You two shall be ordered to share an adjourning bathroom. I know you don't like him because of his dad. He is different. He cares about Leah as much as you care about her.

Harry's POV

We are here to day to celebrate the life of Sirius Black and grieve the lose of this amazing man. He was my godfather he treated me like his own child. I loved him with all my heart. He and my dad taught me all my jokes and pranks. They also taught me how to fly. I miss him dearly annnnd... I broke down and sobbed I couldn't do it anymore.

Leah's POV

He was amazing and Harry had said all I could ever manage to explain in words. He was an amazing man and I miss and love him.

James POV

Words can't explain just how much I miss my best friend. Yes he may have had children with my wife but I still love him to death. Her also! I would like to thank Lacy and Luke Black they have been a big help with everything from hugs to what he would be buried in. I am sorry to say but I can't continue.. I broke down and cried into Lily's arm.

The burial was unbearable. I almost jumped on Peter when he leaned in and said good bye my friend with a smile on his face. After words I grabbed him and with a pop I was at the ministry. I drug him to wear the trial people were kept. I threw him in an empty cell and chained him on to the bench. The demanded a judge ASAP. An hour later Peter was in Azkaban.

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