What Would happen if!! Book 1

What if James and Lily never died and Harry had a twin but they weren't the oldest?


8. Halloween

Leah's POV

Dear My friend :),

I haven't told her yet. It's weird now with two more people here as a part of the Potters never ending family. What's next? Another baby? Good god I can only imagine! I love them all but it's a bit much.

Love always,

Your best friend <3

I decided to talk to mom about Fluffy. He was a three headed dog and he guarded a trap door. Today's Halloween I'll check the hidden house first. Then her office. She was in neither of them. So I went to the teachers lounge and heard her talking to Severus Snape. He said he would make sure nobody got passed them tonight. Then she relaxed and left toward the house portrait. So I met her there. She walked in and hugged me. Then told me to go get ready for supper and the whole Potter family would be getting together for a game of Quiddditch tonight. Harry was the house seeker. I was a Chaser and Draco was one too. The triplets filled the. Other spots as on keeper one chaser and one beater. Then we had Fred Weasley as a beater too. George was back up and they just switched every game to be fair.

I went to the bathroom before the feast. Before I could return I got trapped in the bathroom and was terrified as a mountain troll came towards me.

Draco's POV

HARRY! Leah is in the girls bathroom! We need to go get her! Come on Harry! Ron! Hermione! We ran until we arrived! It was closing on my fainted best friend! We all attacked an managed to knock it out as the teachers came in.

Lily's POV

What are you doing here? You are supposed to be in your common rooms eating! Then I saw Leah. LEAH! Oh my lets get you to the hospital you four my office now! Dumbledore had to go to the Ministry once again.

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