What Would happen if!! Book 1

What if James and Lily never died and Harry had a twin but they weren't the oldest?


2. Family pictures!

Lily's POV

James! Sev! Sirius! Savannah! Author! Maci! Max! Harry! Leah! Alice! Greyson! I have your dress robes ready for pictures! Get your robes now!! Boys shower up! Girls come here!! Time to do your hair!

James POV

Lily settle down! It will be perfect I promise! We all have the good flying skills! The pictures will turn out great!! Savannah would you get off that muggle device! Your boyfriend can wait!

Lily's POV

Alrighty everybody in a line eldest to youngest! Yes by minutes you were born! So Savannah dear you here! Then Severus, Sirius, Arthur, Maci, Max, Harry, Leah, Greyson and Alice!


Harry's POV

It felt like ages before we got done great way to spend a day before my birthday. Leah is my twin. We are not anything a like tho. She has my mums looks and I have my dads. We both got our eye color from my mum. Green. I have black hair like all my brothers and the girls have red hair like my mum! Here are my siblings and ages in order.

Savannah Rose -17

Severus Dean - 17

Sirius Allan- 17

Arthur Aaron- 14

Maci Marie - 13

Max Michele- 12

Harry James (me) -10

Leah Lily- 10

Greyson Mark- 9

Alice Ann- 9

We are the Potters. Mums a Transfiguration teacher. Dads a Defense against the Dark Arts teacher. We live, breathe, and sleep quiddditch. Dad had a chance to play seeker proffesional but Gave it up for my Mum and siblings.

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