What Would happen if!! Book 1

What if James and Lily never died and Harry had a twin but they weren't the oldest?


12. Detention at the Potters new house?

James POV

Hey kids go grab your traveling cloaks and put on some old clothes please! Harry and Leah will enjoy this. Draco, too. He will be living with us. We are painting today and they haven't seen the house yet. It is huge six totally floors including basement and main floor and the four stories above the main floor. The layout has kitchen and living room in the basement. A den and Master suit on main floor with children's rooms, guest rooms, office, theater, gym, weight room, quidditch training room, bathrooms, closets, owl room, and broom care shop. The triplets individual rooms, office and broom care on the 1st floor up. Then it's Harry and Draco's rooms with the theater and guest rooms on the second floor. Then we have Lily's kids room, the rest of the kids minus youngest two, the gym weight room, and training room. Leah has the whole upstairs to herself. Every bed room or guest room has there own walk in closet and full bathroom. The youngest kids rooms are located on the main floor by Lily and my room. In the back yard we have a quidditch pitch and pool. The house is huge. In the master suit there is a secret room for the big secret Lily and I have. I am so thankful for a big family.

Harry's POV

Wow! Dad this is amazing! How did you guys manage to get such a big place and lots of land? What are we doing today? Are we decorating? Great! Ron! Draco! Come on!

Leah's POV

Oh my goodness why do I have a whole floor to myself? This is amazing! Hermione what do you think? Does if look good? You will be spending a lot of time here!

James POV

You must claim you did hard work. Well you guys did. Bit welcome home kids! Ron and Hermione you and your families are welcome here when ever! It's big enough for everyone!

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