What Would happen if!! Book 1

What if James and Lily never died and Harry had a twin but they weren't the oldest?


16. Date Night!

Leah's POV

What would you think a couple of eleven year olds would do in a small muggle town? Well a lot of things just like seventeen year olds would do. Go out to eat, go to the movies, go bowling, and to end it we are going to fly across the city on brooms! Nothing more romantic for eleven year olds but it's a complete surprise for Draco! All I told him was to dress in jeans and a nice shirt. Then I asked my mum if I could borrow her purse that can hold anything and stuffed warm clothes in them a tent and our broom sticks. After collecting muggle money we set off hand in hand.

Draco's POV

Where are we off to first my lady?

"To get a bite to eat!" Leah squealed with excitement quickly added, "My favorite place in town is at the burger shack! Best burgers and fries in the country! Then off to the theater to watch a movie!"

"Fun can't wait!! Why a movie? We should do something else! Like maybe that thing your brothers called bowling? It sounds fun!" I added quickly!

"Oh okay! Let's do this!"

Draco's mind-

Dang I can't believe we are on a date! She is fantastic with surprises! This burger is delicious too! I can't wait to bowl! I wonder why she told her mom to send her brother to the place at 10:00 tonight? Oh well!

Leah's POV

He was a terrible bowler! Hahahaha! He loved it tho! We decided to go on a walk so I pulled out his coat and hat and mine too. After we were out of sight of the town. I pulled out our brooms and as I handed his to him.

He asked, "want to ride with me for a bit?" Then he kissed me. It was amazing! We kissed for a few minutes then we mounted his broom and took off! After about an hour I said told him where to land just out if sight of my older brother Sirius. He had found the spot as I got off and put Draco's broom in the bag he kissed me again! After a minute I pulled away and said follow me!

Sirius POV

They kissed! Opps I didn't see that! She will kill me! I'll let them sleep together tonight as long as there isn't any funny business! Oh who am I kidding they are eleven!

Hey sis! Hey Draco! Hand me the tent I'll set it up! Go show him the view Leah!

The tent held three bedrooms a bathroom and kitchen! I claimed the smallest room farthest from the other two. Did a room rearrangement and made the other room a big one with two doors leading to one room. Each door held a name. Big surprise when there was only one big bed!

Leah's POV

Sirius thank you for setting it up! I'm going to go put my clothes in my room here Draco these are yours! I walked toward the door with my name on it and Draco to his. We opened them at the same time. Wow that is a big bed then I looked to my right to find Draco smiling at me. Sirius soon explained it all. He put a protective spell around the clearing and a muffling spell around it so mum and dad couldn't come snooping.

I'm tired Draco! I went to change and brush my teeth Draco did the same. The second we stepped in the room Sirius shut the doors and said remember! Only kissing! Then winked at me! I locked the doors as I always do at night. I crawled onto my side of the bed and Draco pulled his shirt off. Revealing his scars and slightly visible abs. He crawled in and pulled me close. Then he said my name and caught me off guard with a kiss. Then to my amazement he said I love you. I said it back and curled up into his side my head on his chest then fell asleep.

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