All Alone

Hi, I'm Lexi Star, Senior in high school, Brunette, tall, skinny and all alone. When I go to school I'm made fun of and to make things worse I have no friends at all. Once I go home I still have no one, my parents beat me, my bratty little sister gets the 'special treatment' and all of my other family and best friends are away from where I live, which is L.A. My biggest bully is Justin. He doesn't scare me, he's just a big jerk who happens to be the popular kid in school. What happens when we must do a project together? What happens when I open up to him? Will I still be all alone?


2. The Project

  "Haha!" Kylie began to laugh. "I'm Kylie Braun, my dad Scooter and I just moved here. We live on 107 Scarton Rd. So far I've made friends with Becky and the populars but their a little too slutty for my taste". "No way! I live 105 Scarton Rd.!". "Everyone be quiet! Class is about to start!" Mrs. Darnus yelled to everyone. I had a feeling Kylie and I would be great friends, it would be great to have a friend.                                                  ************************                               For the entire Math class Kylie and I whispered to eachother. Apparently her dad is the Scooter Braun, her parents are divorced because her mom cheated and she has a long distance relationship with her boyfriend. Right now im on my way to Drama which happens to be my class with Justin. As I walked through the door Justin and his friends gathered around me like a swarm of angry bees. "Hey whore what's up?" Justin asked me. "I'm not a whore Justin!" I replied annoyed. "Obviously she's not Justin" his friend Ryan said "I mean common what guys would wanna hook up with her?" he said like it was obvious. "Shut up dick head!" I was absolutely furious. "What the hell did you just say, slut!" Justin yelled "Go on guys, I should deal with with Lexi..." "Everyone sit down please." Mr. Berster said politely. "Bitch" Justin muttered under his breath "Lets go babe" Justin told his girlfriend "Whatever you say baby..." she whispered in a suductive voice. It was absolutely discusting! I took my seat just as Mr. Berster began to explain our project. "You will all get assigned a partner" he began to say "Once you get assigned a partner you will get assigned a skit. You must then go over the skit and then present in front of the class on stage in two weeks. I want everyone to memorize their skits, and give a great presentation. Now that everyone knows my expectations and the directions, I will name the partners. Brandon you'll go with Becky" Justin looked pissed, Becky is his girlfriend and Brandon is a whore so... let's just say they shouldn't be in a room together. "Andrew will be with Alyssa, Samuel will be with Stacy, Ryan will be with Rachael, Christian will be with Christina, Chaz will be with Charlotte and Justin will be with Lexi" Mr. Berster finished. Justin looked back and smiled wickedly. Oh no...

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