All Alone

Hi, I'm Lexi Star, Senior in high school, Brunette, tall, skinny and all alone. When I go to school I'm made fun of and to make things worse I have no friends at all. Once I go home I still have no one, my parents beat me, my bratty little sister gets the 'special treatment' and all of my other family and best friends are away from where I live, which is L.A. My biggest bully is Justin. He doesn't scare me, he's just a big jerk who happens to be the popular kid in school. What happens when we must do a project together? What happens when I open up to him? Will I still be all alone?


3. Shopping!

            2 Days Later***                   I decided I would walk home with Kylie since we were practically neighbors. "I have decided something" Kylie announced "Your school is the kind of school where beautiful people are popular, and don't be offended but I think your the least popular is because of your 'Style'". "Whats your point?" I asked confused. "My point is... ditch the sweats, baggy jeans, sweatshirts and all the long clothes, it's spring and you gotta get into the short outfits, show some skin!" I was a little surprised but she has a point... "I don't have any short clothes..." I tried to explain before I got cut off "Perfect! I'll take you shopping! How about tomorrow?" she asked excitedly. "I guess thats fine" I replied just as we reached my house. "Perfect! I'll see you tomorrow" she squealed before running toward her mansion. As I stepped through the door I felt a hand wrap around my wrist "What the..!" "Shhhh! Mom and dad are fighting!" My sister whispered "I'd go to your room if I were you" she suggested. "What about you?" I questioned. "I'm their angle, I'll be fine" She replied. "Thanks" I said before running upstairs to my room. Whenever my parents faught they would scream at eachother, sometimes hit eachother then the next day they'd forget it even happened, it's weird. Just as I locked my door I heard a 'Bing' which meant it's my phone. To: Lexi  From: Un-Known   Hey It's Justin I was wondering when we would practice our thingy for drama class       To: Justin From:Lexi          I can't tomorrow but maybe Friday?                 To: Lexi  From: Justin               Alright my place friday c u then                      How the hell did he get my number?!?! Honestly I didn't really care but still...                  ******************                      "This one looks cute!" Kylie exclaimed. So far I had ten pairs of jean short shorts, and 2 pairs of all the other colors of short shorts the store had a long with dozens of tank tops and T-shirts. " Ok, but thats the last one!" I told her. We went to the register and I gave the lady my credit card. "Nuh uh! I'm paying for your makover!" I didnt argue with her. As we walked out of the store she turned toward the 'Tattoo and Piercings Shop'. "Why are we going here?" I asked worriedly. "Your getting a ear piercing since you dont have one! And I dont take no for an answer. Theres a reason for me not having a piercing but why bother telling her she wont allow me to say no. "She would like a ear piercing" She said kind of excited "I'd like a belly button piercing" she added. He told me to sit in the chair so I did. About a minute later he came back with a piercer. Before I knew it a needle was injected in my ear and then the other.           ********************                    I decided I'd drive to school with Kylie in her new ferrari. I was wearing my black short shorts and white skin-tight tanktop with a black jacket over it, I also curled my silky hair. My outfit showed off my nicely tanned skin, and perfectly shaped body. As we got out of the car all the guys stared at me, but not in a bad way, in a that-girl-is-hot way. "See" Kylie said "You just needed a makeover!". As I walked to my locker I heard people whisperthings like 'Is she new' and 'OMG thats Lexi?!?', I was very proud of myself. When I got to my locker I saw Justin waiting for me. "Hey" he said in a friendly way which isn't normal "You look hot!" He exclaimed in a surprised but seductive kind of way. "Thanks" I replied a little weirded out. "Anyway" He went on "I was thinking, well umm, theres a party tonight, its supposed to be the 'Party of the Year', my friend Christian is hosting it so I thought, maybe you'd, umm, like to come? After we practice?". Was he really talking to me? This was shocking! "Umm... Sure I'd love too" I'd never been to a party before so this should be fun...

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