All Alone

Hi, I'm Lexi Star, Senior in high school, Brunette, tall, skinny and all alone. When I go to school I'm made fun of and to make things worse I have no friends at all. Once I go home I still have no one, my parents beat me, my bratty little sister gets the 'special treatment' and all of my other family and best friends are away from where I live, which is L.A. My biggest bully is Justin. He doesn't scare me, he's just a big jerk who happens to be the popular kid in school. What happens when we must do a project together? What happens when I open up to him? Will I still be all alone?


1. Ordinary Day

"Wake up you idiot it's time for school!" my mom shouted to me from downstairs. I smelt sweet pancakes and my mouth instantly watered. They were my only motivation to wake up so I just grabbed some baggy jeans, a sweatshirt and put it up in a ponytail, even though it was spring, and threw them over my perfect body. I sprinted down the stairs to the kitchen and grabbed a delicious pancake. My mom immediately slapped my hand making me drop the fluffy breakfast item. "What the hell!" I yelled at my mom. Wrong choice! She slapped me across the face and screamed "Don't talk back to me you fool! Those are for your perfect sister because she deserves them, she actually has a life, friends, people that care and love her and is popular everything your not so shut up bitch!" I quickly sprinted to the door and left our mansion of a house. Since I couldn't do anything I walked to school instead of taking the bus, Justin's on my bus so I don't take it anyway. Once I got to school I went to my locker and took the stuff I needed, such as my math, language arts and drama crap, and yes surprisingly drama is a class, but all we do is throw plays, I have an A+ in that class, actually all my classes. Since I have so much free time I dedicate my life to school so I have a perfect job and life when I'm older. Sadly I have to pay for everything, school, collage, clothes and food, my parents make me pay for food. I work as a waitress at a really fancy 5 star hotel restaurant, so it pays well, I have money for food, school and already the collage I want to go to, Princeton! Once I got to my first class, math, all of the other students began entering the room, one of them included Becky, Justin's slutty whore of a girlfriend and someone I've never seen before.She was also brunette, skinny and just perfect. Becky called her over which meant she was pulled into the popular group. The head of the populars, Becky, would always make whoever was hot and beautiful part of her 'possy' aka the slutts. "Kylie, You can take a seat next to Lexi Star, shes right back there" Mrs. Darnus said to the new girl while she pointed toward me. She quickly took a seat next to me and set her books down. I noticed she was staring at me so I got a little un- comfortable but I couldn't be rude. "Hi, I'm Lexi Star" I said kindly "I guess you could call me the schools personal cootie." She was about to say something, it will either mean she likes me or she'll just be a new bully added to my list...

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