1. Soldier

His eyes were silver

As the sword that pierced his chest,

And his mother said no,

And his mother knew best.

But he was ardent

For a glory of sorts,

A glory not found

By playing silly sports.

So as he wore his uniform,

His chest swollen with pride,

He tried to maintain

The uniform stride.

As he ran into battle,

With a blade and a shield,

And he saw, God, his father,

And before him he kneeled.

Before his eyes

His memories flashed,

Of his mother whimpering

As his father lashed.

He didn't see

The pain that she felt,

He hung his head in shame,

At the cards he'd been dealt.

But God stood tall,

And spoke words so wise,

That the boy couldn't help

But get tears in his eyes.

"You fought not for peace,

Or justice or truth,

You fought for yourself,

But alas in your youth,

"You did not see

How your mother was used

But here you kneel before me,

Battered and bruised.

"I'll grant you forgiveness,

I'll spare you for now,

But a death is a death,

You can't go back. How?"

And away walked God,

And the boy stood up straight,

"Is this it?" he called,

"Is this my fate?"

Then he looked all around

And he stood all alone,

He could have screamed

But he stifled a moan.

He thought back to earth

Where his body would lie,

And he thought of his mother

And how she would cry.

He said to himself,

That if he went back,

He'd hang on her words,

He'd walk a new track.

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