Out Of Touch

Kat's dad has been abusing her for a while now ... Ever since her mum left them. When she finally runs away and meets a loving, handsome boy ,Liam, will she fall in love? Leave her past behind? Or will it all be too much?
(A Liam fanfic)


3. The Scars


Once we all got in the car we drove to the interview. We always were asked the same basic questions: do you have girlfriends? Or when is your next album coming out ? I know that the people were going to ask about Kat; who is she, are you an item, she's so beautiful are you more than friends? As the boys and I sat down we started the interview. Just when I thought we got away with Kat the question popped up. "So who's this lovely lady in the back here," the interviewer questioned. Crap here we go. Kat looked around cautiously and the interviewer motioned for her to come out. She bashfully Answer the same questions I guessed were coming our way. She was surprisingly good at this. When the interview was finally over we got ready to get some food. Of course Niall demanded we go to Nando's so we agreed. I had been thinking about where the scars on her arm had come from. Should I ask??

KATS POV: today had been really cool. But it was awkward how the interviewer thought Liam and I were... An item. The more I thought about it the more I realized how much I was falling for Liam. He was the only person that made me feel truly safe and warm inside. When we arrived home we say by the Telly. Soon as the boys went up Liam can and sat next to me. "Kat, there is something I should ask you...," Liam started.

I nodded weakly was he asking me to leave?

"You don't have to answer...", he continued

"What happened to you.... Your covered In scars,bruises, and cuts. "

Part of me was relived that he wasn't asking me to leave put part of me was even more scared talking about the past. I stutters starting to go on. With Liam's arm around me I started telling the story of my past. He let my tears soak his shirt. His eyes were mixed of fire and anger. There was also sadness. I told him the whole story.


I never would've imagined that her past could be so bad. I my self almost cried listening. I wanted her to know that I would always be here to protect her from anything ever hurting her. When she was finished I didn't know what to do. The awkward silence filled the air. "I- I want you to know I will never let anyone hurt you. If I ever saw the asshole that hurt you I would kill him.", I blankly stated. I was serious too. Was I falling for kat? Yeah I guess I was. We decided it was time to go up to bed.

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