Out Of Touch

Kat's dad has been abusing her for a while now ... Ever since her mum left them. When she finally runs away and meets a loving, handsome boy ,Liam, will she fall in love? Leave her past behind? Or will it all be too much?
(A Liam fanfic)


5. Brandon

-A week later-


I had been with Liam for a while now. I was really starting to fall for him. They guys were great, as they had all become like brothers to me. Liam was taking me out to diner tonight, and I decided to look through the small bag of Jewelry that I had packed. I starts rummaging through until I found a shiny gold bracelet that said my name engraved into it. On the back a little not was attached

-I will always love you. Call me 678-214-2141, love Brandon.-

I thought a second remembering Brandon. We had been best friends since the second grade and we had always had...- well- let's just say we were more than friends.

I sighed. There was no way I was going to feel the same way. How could I? My life was great. Perfect. I decided to call Brandon. He was always a great guy, and I was starting to realize how much I misses him. I told Liam I was going out.

"Okay is everything okay?", his eyes twinkled as his concerned voice spoke.

"Yup. Just need to get out for a little."

"Okay love you."

"Love you."

I called Brandon and after talking we arranged for me to meet him. When I saw him: blonde beach waves in his curly hair, tall, and well... He was hot.

"KATTTT!!!!! I've missed so much!"

"Haha I missed you too," I giggled.

We talked for a while and those feelings I pushed back were returning. I tried to stop, but I couldn't. The diner we were in was pretty nice, and the whole time at the restaraunt I was having fun.

As we got up to say out goodbyes, I gave him a hug. When we pulled away I looked into his big, blue eyes. It all happened so fast. One minute I was saying goodbye, and the next I was intensively and passionately making out with Brandon.


I was really hungry. I was kinda worried about kat too. She had gone off in a kind of... Random way. I sighed and decided to go to the little diner down the street. I pulled on a sweat shirt and some jeans, and headed out the door. I felt the cool, morning air hit my face as the door opened. I shivered as I started up the car. The drive was peaceful. Although I loved my friends I needed some alone time. I parked the car and got out. As the breeze blew in my face I stuffed my hands in my pockets. I hummed as I walked over to the diner.

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