Out Of Touch

Kat's dad has been abusing her for a while now ... Ever since her mum left them. When she finally runs away and meets a loving, handsome boy ,Liam, will she fall in love? Leave her past behind? Or will it all be too much?
(A Liam fanfic)


2. Along For The Ride


I woke up the next morning and decided to make pancakes for the boys. After a few minutes of cooking, Liam lazily walked over to the table after he said hello.

The second I finished the pancakes, the boys bounded down the stairs. What a coincidence huh? "PANCAKES!!!",Louis yelped. "Marry me?", muttered Niall through a mouth full of pancakes. "Hahaha glad you like them", I laughed at his reply to food as I blushed.

The boys seemed like genuinely nice guys, and I think I'm starting to fall in love with their sweet bonded relationship. They are like brothers. They had the great relationship I never got to experience. I sat down next to Liam. He started talking about some joke but I wasn't really listening... I was staring at Liam. He was gorgeous. His girlfriend must be one lucky girl! I started thinking about Joey. I mentally punched myself for not bringing him with me. As much as I wish it wasn't true I still was going to have to leave at some point. I cringed thinking of my dad. What was I going to tell Liam....


I woke up groggy as ever I had a huge craving for pancakes; for some strange reason I thought I smelt them too I got dressed and went downstairs to see Kat making them!!! I got a plate full of pancakes I scarfed so many down I thought I was gonna barf. As I was eating all of the guys came down while Kat sat down next to me. I tried not to be upset by the way Kat blushed when Niall asked her to marry him. I began telling a joke Uncle Si told me, trying to distract myself. I had become oddly protective of her. I mean she was beautiful... Long strawberry blonde hair, twinkling blue eyes and skin the color of snow with some freckles spread around. She seemed a little distracted. Was it me she was thinking of? I chuckled at the song reference. "Hey kat, we have a recording today wanna come?", I questioned her. A smile spread across her face "Um... Yeah... I would like that."

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