Out Of Touch

Kat's dad has been abusing her for a while now ... Ever since her mum left them. When she finally runs away and meets a loving, handsome boy ,Liam, will she fall in love? Leave her past behind? Or will it all be too much?
(A Liam fanfic)


1. A while

KATS P. O. V: "Just stop PLEASE", I managed to squeeze out. My parents had separated 3 years Ago and my dad had been abusing me ever since. This was all because I forgot to get him his six pack of beer. "Shut up you little slut", my dad retorted. I let out soft moans, I would never give him the satisfaction of hearing me cry. He punched me hard in my gut. My little brother Joey came down the stairs. "What's going on?"

I heard his innocent voice ringing in my ears. "Go back upstairs",I managed to push out.

I had been trying to find a way to get out of this hell whole for years but I could never bring myself to do it. My dad was not the only stress source that was constantly gnawing at me. The constant bullying at school didn't help; I hardly even went to school anymore. The kids not knowing my story only saw me as the poor, loser girl at the back of the classroom. When my beating session had finally stopped I wandered helplessly to my room. I was trying so hard to help Joey. He was only 8 and as at as he knew these beatings were a regular part of life. I ran upstairs to see if he was okay. After checking on a sleeping Joey I went in my room. I look at the tiny room and sighed. I missed the days when mum was around. Bang! I heard my dad enter the door clearly angry about something that went on. I knew what was coming next. I freaked out; I had to get out of here somehow. I slid through my window quietly praying that I did the right thing by leaving. I had quickly packed a small bag with some of my things in it. I decided I would go to the little secret fountain my mum used to take me to. I slowly climbed down the post and made my way running down the street. I sat by the fountain and began to cry. Then I heard a shuffling noise. Was someone here? Had my dad found me? A soft unfamiliar voice called out: "hello is anyone here?"

I looked up to see a boy that looked about my age. He was handsome with warm brown eyes and a friendly smile. "What's wrong?", he asked me.

" Just leave me alone", I sobbed miserably.


I saw the young girl crying. I don't know who she is or what her name is, but I know that I needed to help her. "Are you alright love?" I questioned.

When there was no reply I introduced my self. "I'm Liam and you are..."


"Well kat your going to need a place to stay, " I announced.

I offered she could stay with me. She decided yes, but only for one night. I wondered what the guys would think when I brought home some random girl. As we walked in the flat the guys started staring at Kat, seeing as she was uncomfortable I made sure to break the silence. "Harry, Zayn, Louis, Niall, meet Kat; she's staying with us for a while."


A while. He said a while. I liked the sound of that. Liam and I walked down the long elegant hallways until we came to what I assumed was the guest room. "Thanks for everything Liam", I said.

He smiled sheepishly "You're welcome, if you need anything you know where I am."

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