Out Of Touch

Kat's dad has been abusing her for a while now ... Ever since her mum left them. When she finally runs away and meets a loving, handsome boy ,Liam, will she fall in love? Leave her past behind? Or will it all be too much?
(A Liam fanfic)


4. A Kiss


It felt weird talking about my past. Liam was so comforting to me. I was loving my time with Liam and the boys! For a second my mind drifted off. I was thinking of my brother. Suddenly pangs of guilt started rising up in me. I shouldn't have left him. I was a horrible sister. I hated myself. "What are you thinking about?" Liam questioned me gently. "My brother."

Liam looked a little guilty for a second. I don't know why but he seemed he felt as though it was his fault I hadn't seen my brother in almost a month.

"I'm sorry kat I know you must miss him, is there anything I can do to get your mind off it?" Liam asked me.

"No Liam you've done so much for me there is no way I'm letting you do more.", I sternly but kindly replied.


I had an idea to get her mind off it. She looked so beautiful and I couldn't help myself I leant in and kissed her. Her warm soft lips fit perfectly in mine. The kiss lasted for 20 seconds, don't ask how we did it because i don't know we just did. When we were done her big, clear, blue eye looked at me I'm shock. Suddenly I felt bad until I herd her say: "can we do that again?" I smiled into another passionate kiss. I had fallen head over heals for kat. I wanted to make it official. "Kat would you do me the honors as having you as my girlfriend?" She giggled slightly. "Well duh I would", I smiled at her reply.


Had I just kissed Liam? So we both feel the same way? Were dating now? So many questions entered my mind. Whatever those questions were whatever I was concerned about.... It all faded away.

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