I'll love you until forever ends

This is about Julia Brooke and her life their might be a little secret she's hiding about being someone else how long will it take for the world to find out? Will she ever tell you about this secret life?


2. telling you who I am

Telling you who I am

"Your so f*cking stupid go die your untalented no one likes you whore" he said yeah I know it's no much to make someone scream but for me it is. I'm kind of like a "Hannah Montana" as my coaches say except every time I go on tour I "broke something" only a few people know who I am. Just calling me untalented made me think lol no your the one who got booed off by not only students and parents even teachers booed him off while he sang one of my songs called "forever young" (a/n I put the first thing I can think of).

Now I'm able to tell you a lot more about my life well I grew up in a small town in New Jersey, I audition for singing in a local stores commercial and they liked it so I got the part, I was about 6 or 7. Then when I was 8 my career went huge I was commercials to tv to movies. then when I was 10 Disney and Nick wanted me to star in their shows so of course I wanted to that's every young super stars dream to star on their shows! I went with Disney.

We'll now I'm a famous singer called Julia brookeeee. You may be like how does no one notice well we say it was my great great great great grandmothers idea that every julia Brooke after her would have an e after it so I'm the 3nd! Also in school I were TONS of foundation so you can't really tell what color skin I have they think I'm really really pale not tan, I where brown eye contacts in school not my natural green ones, also I put on fake purple extensions on my hair so they don't know my real brown/blonde hair! So yeah l look REALLY different!

I ignored deans irrevalent comment. I just kept on telling myself it's okay you'll be with your celebrity friends in 8 more days. My best friends are Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Jaden Smith, Carly Rae Jepsen, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and more!

7 days until tour

Peace out suckers I'm going on tour! I'm leaving for California today at 11. I can't wait to meet my new backup dancers! I swear if I get annoying cocky dancers again I will like die! All they would do is "oh I'm a dancer for juliabrookeeee not you" all that stuff.

"Please fasten you seat belts we will be landing in 10 minutes" the flight ate dent spoke.

The planes goin down it's yellin TIMBERRRRRR no okay


(Convos below)

J= julia

D= dancers

J- hi everyone I'm julia and are you ready for PRACTICE

D- yeah!

J- show me what you learned

D1- we learned nothing

J- oh oops do you know anything

D2- yeah we know the dance to forever young

J- good lets try it

My dancers are really cool. My favorite has to be Amelia she's always so happy and upbeat! Then there's kiyah she's so funny and creative! Rachel she was totally that girl no one liked at school she probably spread rumors, but you got to love her! Stacy she's the best dancer in the world no wonder she got to be MY dancer!

The day went on we ended up going out for dinner with everyone including Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Jaden Smith, Carly Rae Jepsen, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus also I'm meeting benjamin lasnier for the "first time" mabey he'll like my famous self better! So this is how the dinner went down.....

(An) OMG 8 READS AND 2 LIKES IM SO HAPPY I THOUGHT NOBODY READ THESE BUT AHHH!!!! I would still write if I had 2 reads tho but OMG thank you!!!

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