I'll love you until forever ends

This is about Julia Brooke and her life their might be a little secret she's hiding about being someone else how long will it take for the world to find out? Will she ever tell you about this secret life?


1. intro

JULIAS p.o.v

"JULIA BROOKE GET UP NOW!" Screamed my mother. "UGHH FINE" I replied. Just another day of hell aka school. Just another day I have to deal with drama queens and kings stupid football jocks the stuck up cheerleaders and don't forget the wannabe populars.

I might as well tell you a bit about myself, my name is Julia Brooke I like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus and the internet is mostly my life. That's my life in a nutshell! Now that I'm done with my shower I apply the slightest bit of make up and comb and straighten my hair.

Sh*t 7:30 time for hell yay! (Sarcasm) I walk up to the bus stop headphones in word out once a reach the bus stop i see one of my best guy friends Davin he has his daily rant about his girlfriend Melissa don't get me started on that couple she's just using him I don't want to tell him tho. Finally the bus gets here late as always. When I walk on I see one of my bestfriends Zoe she loves one direction while she gives me the new one direction gossip I have Richard(also known as Ryan) is poking me me with his pencil 20minutes later we arrive at school.

I walk in with Emily and Zoe not much but we get along sadly we're broken up because we have complete different schedules. I get my science stuff from my locker just when I was about to get my water my best friend Diana slams my locker close on my hand "BICA YOUR SO ORAGE POP TART" I screamed at her laughing "using our language much" she responded. Yeah we have a "seceret language" we made it up a while ago so we wouldn't get in trouble by the teachers.

We walk to her locker and I see my ex Dean talking to the school slut Britany. He's probably trying to get in her pants. That's one of the reasons I broke up with him he was to sexual for me and he was a player. There's multiple reason I called it quits with him but that's a big reason. Anyway I'm over him I'm crushing on the two most popular boys in school Jai Waetford and Benjamin Lasnier (if you know who they are from you tube cool if not check them out) I'm close friends with both of them but Jai has a girlfriend but Benjamin doesn't so that's good I guess.

Well enough of that let me get to science. BLAH BLAH BLAH science is over. Next is art I meet up with guess what another best friend her name is Victoria we are like bip and bop! BLAH BLAH BLAH art is over. Next is lunch me and Victoria like always are 100% late we only have 5mins to eat. Let's skip to the end of the day.

Literacy the class I have with dean not only that he sits next to me in that class all we do is bicker in that class but what that boy said to me made my temper go threw the roof he told me.....

*CLIFF HANGER SORRY this chapter was just really you getting the main idea of everything trust me there will be lots of drama in this story hope you liked it!*

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