He's My Angel

The story started when I was young and dumb, I was naïve I didn't listen. I fell in love and boy did I fall hard. He was just so, perfect. This is my story and I'd like to warn you. It is pretty emotional. Welcome to my world. I fell hard and he didn't catch me. I hit rock bottom HARD and the worst part, I hit it alone.


9. Chapter 9

Diana's p.o.v

It's been 4 years since it all happened. 4 years since I lost my Harry. 4 years since the best thing I had just slipped out of my grip. 4 fucking years...

I live in America again. My dad got a job offering in Los Angeles for a Lawyer and he took it. I have a pretty big house. It's a really nice neighbourhood. I love it here! I have made lots of friends and I officially graduated High school in 2012. I was actually having a sleepover with my best friends tonight.

I was sitting in my room when I heard a bit of noise coming from the street. I got up off my bed and walked downstairs and outside. I looked around and finally saw the noise. Somebody was moving in next door. They were carrying boxes and stuff up to the house. 5 boys it looked like. All in their earlier 20's.

I saw a boy with brown hair and green eyes. He looked at me and smiled and waved. I was about to do the same until I realized who it was.

"Harry?" I called out. I saw his expression turn blank. He took in a sharp breath before finally speaking.

"D-Diana?" He asked. I slowly nodded. He walked over to me and looked me up and down. I did the same to him.

"You look different-" His eyes stop at my hand and he stops speaking. "Your ring?" He said pointing to my finger.

I looked at my finger. "Oh yeah? This dumb old thing. I remember this. Don't you? You know before you dated about 1,000,000 girls?" I answered.

I'll admit I was pissed! He dated at least 10 girls and he always said he'd never look at another girl the way he looked at me. Liar.

"I'm sorry Diana, okay?" He said calmly.

"Okay!? I watch you kiss about 10 different girls and have to sit here for 4 fucking years watching you snog all those girls and you come back and give me a lame ass apology!?" I yelled.

"What am I supposed to do!?" He answered.

"I don't know I just. I thought you loved me. I was heartbroken Harry! After the day you dropped me off you didn't ever talk to me again! I watched you on tv and YouTube and all that junk! I voted for you every time you were nominated for a award. Stupid right? I brought your albums because I knew it was the only way I'd hear you anymore. I just didn't want you to forget about me. But it's to late for that now isn't it?" I snapped.

He looked at me for a minute. "I'm so sorry..." He said. I sighed. "Why?" I asked. He looked at me.

He was quiet for a minute, "I don't know, the paparazzi was everywhere and I couldn't even handle anything. I didn't want you to go through that. The other part is management. I tried to see you but they wouldn't let me." He sighed. He ran a hand through his hair. Which was styled quite different.

"You're so different. Your hair. Your style. Your attitude." I said quietly. "No, I'm still me I promise." He answered quickly.

"I'm only going to forgive you because I miss you." I hesitantly answer. He smiles and again it's as bright as the sun.

He opens his arms and I laugh. I run up to him and give him a huge hug.

"Okay, So I have friends coming over so you have to GO! Their Directioners so um beware."

He laughed. "Oh we have a lot of those don't we?" I nodded.

"Anyway. We could probably hangout tomorrow or something?" I offered. He smiled.

"I like that idea-" he was cut off.

"AHHHHHH OH MY GOD IT'S HARRY STYLES!!!!" I heard my friend Casey shout.

I turned my head towards her and sighed. I ran over to her and put my hand over her mouth.

"Please, Please, Please! Be quite." I begged. "I at least want a hug then, and a picture, and a autograph." She said smiling.

"You're very demanding." I said laughing. she nodded. "If that was Niall you would be dying right now." She giggled. Then her eyes went wide. "Right now I wish you were here with me-e-e-e!!" She sang. I laughed and shook my head.

Harry looked at me and raised a eyebrow. "Niall? You're a Niall girl? I thought you would be a Harry girl." He pouted.

I looked at Casey and we broke out in laughter. "A-A Harry.. Girl!!!" I gasped still cracking up. He chuckled a little. All the sudden my eyes met with light blue ones.

"You're Niall?!?!" I shrieked. Casey looked at me and put her hand over my mouth. "Don't do it." She begged. Casey was interrupted by her phone ringing.

"Best I ever had. Hips don't lie you make me wanna scccccccchhh one more night." It sang. I smiled as she answered it.



"I can't."


"Well um she's a little busy..."


"God damn Kylan fine!!"


She turned towards me and sighed. "It's for you.." She said. I took the phone and answered it.

"Kylan?" I asked. I saw Harry's jaw drop.

"Is Abby there yet? I need to apologise for being a dick." He asked.

"You need more than an apology. But no. She's not. She's sick. If you wanna be a good boyfriend you should get her the This Is Us movie, Taco bell, and Starbucks." I answered and hung up.

"Here." I said handing Casey her phone.

Let me explain. After I moved Kylan wanted to go to a school in California. He moved in the same neighbourhood and met my friend Abby and they fell in love. I was happy for them.

"Hey, um... We have to go. She's having a awesome sleepover so we'll talk tomorrow yeah?" Casey said. I nodded and smiled.

"It was nice meeting you Niall and nice to see you again Harry." I said as Casey pulled me inside my house.

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