He's My Angel

The story started when I was young and dumb, I was naïve I didn't listen. I fell in love and boy did I fall hard. He was just so, perfect. This is my story and I'd like to warn you. It is pretty emotional. Welcome to my world. I fell hard and he didn't catch me. I hit rock bottom HARD and the worst part, I hit it alone.


5. Chapter 5

Diana's p.o.v

I wrapped my arms around him as tight as I could. I couldn't be mad. I always forgave him. I just can't let him go. I can't look at his guilty, sad, face. I love him. I wonder what he's thinking? I wonder if he feels the burning sensation that I feel when he hugs me. No, I bet he doesn't.

"Harry?" I ask. He let's go a little so he can look down at me. I get on my tiptoes and give him kiss. "Thank you." I say and slip from his grip and run away.

I ran straight home.

Harry's P.o.v

She got on her tiptoes and quickly kissed me then ran off. I stood there for a minute. Did she just kiss me? She just kissed me! I ran after her.

"Wait! Diana! Wait!" I screamed. I ran after her as fast as I could. But she was to fast. Dammit! I walked back to my car and drove home.

I walked up to the porch and opened the door and immediately saw Gemma sitting on the couch. She smiled and waved. I returned the gesture. I walked to my room and grabbed my laptop. I sat down on my bed and put the laptop on my lap. Just as I got comfortable I heard a knock on my door. I groaned.

"Come in!" I said loudly. Gemma walked in and sat on the edge of the bed.

"Did you try to join the X Factor? You'll win for sure! You have to!" She pestered. I sighed and nodded.

"I did this morning. I don't think I'll win though. We go in 2 weeks." I said. She squealed. "Of course you will! Let me go bug mum!" She answered. She got up and headed for the door but quickly stopped.

"Does Diana know? She won't handle this well you know that?" She said. I frowned. "Why won't she?" I asked.

"If you win you'll have to leave and you won't see her as much.." Gemma answered and opened the door and left.

I probably won't even win. Even if I did I was NOT leaving Diana. Not after what just happened. No way. Never in a million years. I pulled my phone out and texted Diana.

Me: That kiss... It was amazing... Why'd you run off, love?

Almost 5 minutes later she replied.

Diana: I was afraid you wouldn't like it and I'd look like a fool..

Me: No! I liked it. I have to tell you something tomorrow.. :)

Diana's p.o.v

My phone beeped and it was a text from Harry. After about 5 minutes I finally had the guts to reply. I texted him for a little before finally falling asleep...

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