He's My Angel

The story started when I was young and dumb, I was naïve I didn't listen. I fell in love and boy did I fall hard. He was just so, perfect. This is my story and I'd like to warn you. It is pretty emotional. Welcome to my world. I fell hard and he didn't catch me. I hit rock bottom HARD and the worst part, I hit it alone.


2. Chapter 2

Diana's p.o.v

"Here, wanna dance?" He asked. I laughed and nodded.

He pulled out his phone and started typing and then a song by Selena Gomez, Hit The Lights came on. This used to be our song. I laughed and punched his shoulder lightly.

"Really?" I asked smirking. He rolled his eyes and nodded and we started dancing.

And let me tell you, we were TERRIBLE. Worst thing you'll ever see. He smiled and we stopped in the middle of the song and sat down. He looked at me and smiled. I wonder if he really does still like me. I still like him... A lot. It's crazy I know.

Harry looked at me and grabbed his phone. He started typing and looked back up to me. He laughed and hit play. Teenage Dirtbag came on. I laughed and he got up and held his hand out for me to take. I grabbed it and we started dancing really funny.

"I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby!!!!!!!" I sung so loud. He smiled. The song stopped and I tripped and fell on top of Harry. The song repeated itself while I was still on top of him. I got up and it got kinda awkward..

"Diana?" He asked. I looked up at him.

He sighed, "Well, err... Ummm," he mumbled. No real words were coming out of his mouth.

He shook his head, "Never mind," he mumbled. I grabbed his arm. "Tell me." I said.

"No it's nothing, we should get back.." He said and scratched his neck. I sighed.

"No Harry! Tell me.!" I said getting frustrated. He looked up at me. He walked over to me. He cupped my face in his hands. "Forget about it.." He said.

I sighed. I actually thought he was gonna kiss me.. Just like I always wanted. But he didn't. It probably won't happen. That stuff only happens in movies and books and junk.. We walked towards the car and back to school. We only missed 1st and 2nd period.

We had 3rd together thankfully. We got to school and we rushed to our lockers which were pretty close together. We got our stuff and the bell rang and we ran to class. I saw Katy in the back and she ran up to Harry and kissed him. They're dating!?!?!?!?!?!?! Nobody told me!! Why would he date a slut like her!? She sleeps with everybody! I walked out of the room. I was DONE! I ran home. I was such a baby, but it hurt. I once kissed those soft lips. I once felt his soft touch. That was me once. Once...

I ran into my room and looked through my dresser. I grabbed a razor. Yes, I cut. Don't you dare judge me! I cut one line, then two, then three. Then I couldn't do it anymore. I cleaned up my cuts and went to my bed. I plopped down and cried.

I opened my eyes and looked around. I hadn't even noticed I had fallen asleep.

"DIANA!!!!!" My mom yelled. I sighed and walked downstairs and saw my mom and Harry at the door. He smiled.

"I was wondering if you wanted to go to Starbucks with me?" He asked. I shook my head and ran upstairs. I heard my mom and Harry mumbling something and I heard footsteps behind me. I ran to my room and flopped onto the bed. I heard someone walk in my room,

"Diana?" Harry's voice echoed through my ears.

I lifted my head up and turned towards him. He looked at me and then his eyes widened. He gasped. "Diana!? What the hell!?!?" He said as he grabbed my arms.

I tried to pull away but he tightened his grip. I started crying and he pulled me into a hug while I sobbed into his chest.

"Diana, please stop. I love you!" He whispered in my ear. I knew he did. It just wasn't the way I wanted him to love me. This love was only a best friend love. Sadly.

"Don't let me go.." I said as I started crying harder. He looked me in the eyes.

"Never," he whispered and kissed my forehead softly.

Those words kept echoing in my head "Never," he whispered again pulling me close.

I smiled. "Never," I whispered and hugged him tighter. (If that's possible...)

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