He's My Angel

The story started when I was young and dumb, I was naïve I didn't listen. I fell in love and boy did I fall hard. He was just so, perfect. This is my story and I'd like to warn you. It is pretty emotional. Welcome to my world. I fell hard and he didn't catch me. I hit rock bottom HARD and the worst part, I hit it alone.


17. Chapter 17

Harry's p.o.v

She's gonna be pissed at me.

After I left the house management called. I'm not "aloud" to date Diana. I have to keep my bad boy image. Which is so stupid. I tried to argue but I'm basically their puppet. I signed a contract and if I don't go along with what they say, well let's just say there are "consequences." Retarded right? It's just like the time I was forced to date Taylor Swift. Hell she was forced to write a fucking song about me! It's fucking ridiculous.. I'm sorry for my language but I'm just so piss- mad...

It's like we're their puppets. You'd be surprised how many relationships are fake. Don't get me wrong Louis and Eleanor's aren't fake. Sometimes people say it is but I'll tell you it's real as hell.

I knew the fans and management wouldn't like is together though. It was like Fire and Ice. She was the Ice, I was the fire. She was so cool, she rarely got mad. But she's been getting mad a lot more now. I always had a short temper. But of course management wanted me to be somebody I wasn't. I really do care about our fans and everything but let's face it. They're stalkers!! Like Louis said, "They know where we'll be before we even do!" But you know they're my stalkers.

I took a deep breath, I can't just not go out with Diana. I mean have you seen her!? Well, actually you haven't but you know she's beautiful. Not to mention her amazing personality. She's so funny and doesn't take life too seriously. She's sassy and mean at times. She's grumpy and pouts when she doesn't get what she wants. She always gets her way and tries to if she doesn't. Once her mind is set on something there's no point in even trying to change it.

Diana looked at me after Liam blabbed the whole story. She looked at me and sighed.

"I'm going to have a stern talk with Louis about this." She shifted. I chuckled.

"Gonna, not going to." I smiled, she rolled her eyes. "Gonna." She repeated. I smiled and nodded. She looked around and Liam shifted back on his toes. He glared at me. He wants me to tell her now!? No way! Not in a fricking hospital. I shook my head, Liam rolled his eyes.

"Diana, Harry can't-" I cut him off, "I'll tell her." I sighed in defeat. Diana looked at me with curious yet worried eyes. I can't do this. Liam nodded and walked outside.

"Diana, I can't-" I sighed, "I can't date you." I finally spoke.

She tilted her head a little. Then took a step back and stood there. She took a sharp breath. Please don't cry.

"What?" She asked. Her voice came out weak and shaky as if she barely got the words to come out.

"I can't date you. I'm sorry." I said, I motioned for her to come here. I at least wanted to comfort her. I mean after all this is my 2nd time breaking her heart.

She shook her head, "Are you trying to hurt me Harry? Because it's working." She said, her voice was quite almost like a whisper. I know she wanted it to come out stronger.

"It's not like that Diana, and you know that. Please let me explain." I begged. She was on the verge on tears.

"I knew I shouldn't have forgiven you. You remember of Taylor Swifts song Trouble. Who did she write that about again? Oh, yeah! You!! I can't believe you. The worst part is the only one I can blame for this is myself. Because I forgave you when I shouldn't have. You know the worst part Harry? It didn't even last a day! I rushed into it didn't I? Of course I did! You keep hurting me Harry. You're right you have changed. You're a selfish dick! No sorry you didn't change. You already were that!" She snapped. She was crying now. Her hair was a mess and all she had on was sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt. But yet she still looked beautiful.

"I'm so sorry Diana. You're exactly right." I sighed in defeat.

She looked at me for a minute and sighed. "Is it bad I wanna hug you?" She sighed holding her head in her hands. She still wanted to hug me after I told her all that? God damn women are so confusing..

"Diana, let me explain please." I begged. She looked and me and shook her head.

"Explain what? There's nothing to say but-" I cut her off.

"Management." I said in one word.

"Huh? Okay, explain." She said quietly. I nodded.

"I like you Diana, but management won't let me date you. If I say no I'm pretty much flushing my whole career down the toilet. I'm sorry Diana. I wish they could see how amazing you are. You're so perfect." I said. She walked over to the end of the hospital bed and sat down facing me.

"You mean, you still like me?" I chuckled at her silly question.

"Of course I do Diana, always have always will." I smiled. I grabbed her hands in mine.

"I love you, Diana." She looked at me for a minute before wrapping her arms around my neck.

"I love you too." She mumbled in my shoulder. She loved me, she really loved me...


Hi! Could I get a couple comments? :) I love reading what you guys think and all your opinions and stuff! I posted a sorta long chapter because I've been a little bit busy lately. Sorry for such a long wait! I love you guys! This one girl liked me telling me how much she loved my Fanfictions and it was so sweet! She's really nice! Thank you guys! Bye. :) Comment/Like/Favorite

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