He's My Angel

The story started when I was young and dumb, I was naïve I didn't listen. I fell in love and boy did I fall hard. He was just so, perfect. This is my story and I'd like to warn you. It is pretty emotional. Welcome to my world. I fell hard and he didn't catch me. I hit rock bottom HARD and the worst part, I hit it alone.


14. Chapter 14

Diana's p.o.v

I took a deep breath. We walked out of the store and paparazzi was everywhere. Me and Harry rushed to the car. He opened the door for me and I got in. He got in his side and we started driving.

"There's a ice skating place over there I think." I said pointing to a building on the left.

"I know I've taken Tay- I'm sorry.. I didn't mean too-" I cut him off, "It's fine."

We pulled into the parking lot and parked the car close to the door. I looked at Harry and smiled.

We got out and once again damn paparazzi. We pushed our way through and finally made it inside. We started walking to the counter or I'm wherever you get your skates.

My phone started ringing and I pulled it out of my pocket. It was Casey.

Harry's p.o.v







"That's stupid."


"What magazine?"


"That's shit!"


"Okay, Thanks."



I looked at Diana.

"Everything okay?" I asked. She looked at my and sighed and nodded.

"Yeah, just the damn fucking magazines." She huffed.

Why did they always have to ruin my dates. Do they do that crap on purpose? I'm scared to even go on Twitter. I wonder what shit the fans are gonna say about Diana. I already heard somebody call her a slut today. Why wouldn't she tell me? I wanted to go up to the girl and tell her "She's not a slut, she's amazing, nice, sweet, beautiful, and perfect. So I'd appreciate it if you didn't call her that. Okay?" But I didn't. I should have though.

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