Jade Jackson

Who said Percy was the only demigod Jackson? Nobody. At least as far as I know. But Jade doesn't know- I don't know. My friends and I, we go to Yancy Academy, and so does Percy. Who said we weren't identified?
And something else I should point out....


2. I Watch My best Friend Explode

     The bull-man breathes out his nose, looking at me hungrily still. I freeze, and so do the other girls. I want to scream but my mouth is still, following th example of the rest of my paralyzed body.
     Suddenly it roars loudly, and charges straight towards us. We scream our heads off, and try to run, but it grasps my waist. I scream louder.
"HELP!" I shriek, the monster's bad breath in my face. It smells like...blood. I'm terrified.
"Jade!" Amber yells, grabbing a nearby stick and tossing it at the monster's head. It turns around, and her face shows a lot of regret. 
"Jade!" I hear a male voice....Mr. Brunner? "Take this!" He throws a pen at me from wherever he is.
Wait- a pen? A pen. A PEN.
"I don't think I need a pen, Mr. Brunner!" I yell, still squirming in the monster's arm. I come to the conclusion it's a- no, the Minotar. I'm dreaming.
"Un cap it, child!" He says. My kicking and screaming hasn't helped my issue with avoiding the monster's mouth. Since this is a clearly a dream, I uncap the boring old pen I somehow caught.
"Holy crap!" The pen spreads out into a long, sharp bronze blade, fitting perfectly in my hands. I don't question it (It's a dream, isn't it?) and try to swing at the monster's head. It dodges. Then simply drops me to the ground. It has found a new target, apparently.
Lynn screams as it picks her up. I scream too, swiping at the monster's feet. "Let her go, you stupid cow!" I yell. It ignores me. It's claws grasp Lynn's neck.
"Lynn!" Every one exclaims, throwing sticks at the bull's face as I swipe at his apparently unharmed feet. Lynn's face is red.
"I can't breathe!" She manages. It's choking her, it's going to kill her. Hot tears of anger well up behind my eyes as Lynn shrieks in pain, tears streaming down her now purple face.
Suddenly instead of Lynn all I see is gold light. Nothing but that. I scream louder and louder, strength escaping me from my endless attempts at cutting the bull's foot off. Then his hand is empty. Nothing is there. Lynn isn't there.
"NO!" I yell, throwing the sword into the monster's foot. It wails in pain, then puts its eyes on me again, hunger filling them. You'd think Lynn would fill him up, but clearly he is not satisfied with only one death. He swipes at me, making me fall to the ground in pain. I can't beat this. I can't. With my final strength I've got left, I climb up the short tree nearby. I jump onto the monster's back and stick my sword right into his skull before he can swat at me. He growls, then screams in pain. Suddenly I feel the monster beneath me disappear, and everything goes black.
~~~~~~~~~~~~(he he. Squiggles)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"Jade?" I hear Breanna's soft voice, awakening me.
"I just had the worst dream. If I tell Lynn, she'll kill me."
"About that..." Breanna trails off. I know what that means.
"That wasn't a dream, was it?" I ask. I haven't bothered to take in my surroundings. I don't care about that right now. Breanna restrains from replying for a moment. "Was it?!"
"N-no. J-just lay down, okay?" She runs off, and I can hear her sniffle.
     I close my eyes and try to remember, but it just pains me to think about that. She's dead. Lynn is dead.
Gone. Gone. J repeat these words in my head for a while before I take them seriously. She's dead. Gone. I start to cry. Harder and faster, until a girl with blonde curls gives me something liquid that tastes like cinnamon rolls. She tells me to calm down. I do, and I ask her where I am and who she is.
"I'm Annabeth Chase. You're in the infirmary of Camp Half Blood."
"Camp what now?"
"For half-bloods like you and your friends. And your other one. I'm really sorry about that. But I feel you."
I don't ask her how she shares my feelings, I am still stuck on "Half Blood."
"Umm, what's a half-blood?"
"Half human, half god, of course."
"Oh. They haven't explained it to you."
Now, I know if your reading this book you are clearly a Percy Jackson fan. Must I explain to you what a half blood is? No. I'd hope not. So, let's pretend Annabeth has just explained the whole thing to Jade. If you don't know what a half blood is then maybe you shouldn't be reading this.
"Woah." That's a lot to put on somebody. Especially when they feel like their ribs are broken. "So... my dad is a god?"
"Or your mom is a godess," Annabeth says. "My mother is Athena."
"Who is my parent?"
"We aren't sure. They haven't claimed you yet, so when you get better we'll take you to Cabin Eleven until further notice. Now, get some rest, you are very injured."
She starts to walk out but I stop her. "Is Lynn dead?"
     She turns and looks at me affectionately, then walks out, taking my hopes with her. So I just lay down and go to sleep. 
     "Jade? Jade!" Amber's voice awakens me. My ribs feel better, and my whole body does as well.
"Guess what!" She smiles wide. "I've been claimed, Jade!"
"We've been here an hour!" I exclaim.
"We've been here a week. You've been here the whole time. Are you feeling better?"
"Yes, but who claimed you?"
"Athena!" She cannot hide her excitement. "And Breanna...she's found where she belongs."
"Don't tell me. Let me guess."
"Aphrodite," we say in unison. I feel left out. Then I remember Hailey. Before I can say a word, Amber frowns.
"Hailey has been claimed as well."
"By who?"

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