Jade Jackson

Who said Percy was the only demigod Jackson? Nobody. At least as far as I know. But Jade doesn't know- I don't know. My friends and I, we go to Yancy Academy, and so does Percy. Who said we weren't identified?
And something else I should point out....


1. A Giant Bull Decides to Interrupt our Lunch

     We are walking down the halls of Yancy Academy, oblivious to what events would occur in the near future. But I won't get ahead of myself.

"Ugh. Have you seen that weird limp-y kid?" Brianna scowls at two passing boys, one of which has a certain limp in his step. Before I can smack her, the limpy boy frowns. The other pushes him away.

"Bre!" I growl. The non-limper turns and looks at me, and I smile at him before they turn Don the corner.

"I'm just stating the facts." She flips her fire engine red curls as we enter my dorm. We all hang out there, since Amber and I share  it and it's the closest to our classes. As k sit down on my bed, I continue scolding Breanna.

"Its mean. You hurt his feelings."

"Stop being my mom."

Why are we friends?

"Stop fighting, guys!" Amber silences us.

"Who wants to play Truth or Dare?" Breanna smirks.

"I dare Jade to grab Breanna's neck and squeeze it to her heart's content," says Lynn nonchalantly. I lunge at her, saying, "Deal!" and Breanna squeals, dodging the attack. We all laugh.

"Seriously though," says Hailey, "let's play! I'll go first."

Breanna gives her a dirty look, because she wanted to be first, but Hailey merely smiles and looks at me. Oh, crap. What is this mini-demon up to? What's in that dark mind of hers thinking? I don't know what it is, but I can tell by her evil grin it won't be too nice on my part.

"Jade..." Dang. "Truth or Dare?"

"Truth," I blurt. I'm sure her devious little brain went for dare. Or so I thought. To my surprise, her smile widens. Now I'm scared.

"Perfect. Do you have a crush?"

I roll my eyes. Every time. "Heck no. Just give up on that, will you?"

"But you've gotta like someone!" Complains Lynn. Suddenly, the door swings open. The boy who was with the limping boy is on the ground, his nose bloodied, groaning. I see a group of bullies in the doorway, some smiling at the boy, some staring in fright that they'd broken into a group of girls.

"Uh-" The boy sits up awkwardly. I grab my 800 page Greek History textbook and smack the head bully in the head. Hey, that's what he gets. With an, "OOF!" he falls down, dazed. The girls follow my example, pelting them with crumpled homework papers from my trashcan (most with worse grades than I care to admit) until they go away.

"T-thanks. And, I'm sorry-"

"Thanks? You're fine!" I say. I offer him a tissue, which he puts against his nose. What's  your name?"

"Percy." He smiles. I introduce everyone else, rolling my eyes at Breanna. He apologizes one more time before turning out the door. When I turn, I see the  entire group staring at me, smiling.

"What? Oh, God no."

But they smile bigger. 


~~~~~~~~~~~SQUIGGLES~~~~(what?)~~~~~~~~~~~~~(I like SQUIGGLES. Sue me.)~~~~


     The next day, at lunch, we are discussing the latest Latin test.

"I'm nervous," I say.

"Who here isn't? It's not like we can read the test," says Lynn.

"I've tried to study, but it's pointless," groans Hailey. Did I mention were dyslexic? Not to mention ADHD. But that's beside the point. Ok, maybe not. Shut up.

A storm rages outside.

"It's really raining hard out there," says Amber. Her blonde hair is pulled into a ponytail, of which at the turn of her head manages to hit m every time. 

"And? It's New York." Lynn takes a bite of her sandwich.

"This is a lot, even for New York."


A PA announcement rings through the lunchroom.

"Jade to the office."

First off, I should  tell you I'm an orphan. I don't really have a last name. Not that I, nor anyone else, knows of.

Secondly, being called to the office at Yancy academy isn't the best thing to happen. One by one, however, my friends get called as well. We all wall to the office.

Or try to. 

     Halfway though the journey, the bully I smacked on the head is knocking on the door. Clearly, he is locked out. K couldn't help but open it for him, for some reason. But when I do, he pushes me and my friends out in the rain, cackling as he runs down the hall.

"This is what you get for helping jerkwads," groans Lynn, struggling to stay underneath the small awning. 

"Stuff it, Lynn."

But then j hear a loud rumbling. K think for a moment it is thunder, but when I turn around I see it sure isn't.

"What the heck is that?!" shrieks Amber.

     It has big horns, big muscles, and fur on its bottom half. And the scariest part...he has a look of hunger in his eyes, directed at me. 

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