Until the day i die


1. the move

Aprils POV:

"But mom I don't want to move to a new school, to a new house, to a new country!" I exclaimed. "I know honey, I know" she replied while keeping her eyes dead on the road. We were in her car on our way to my new school. My mother was an agent, she helped people get gigs and become famous. Of course she just had to get relocated to Cheshire. I didn't even get a say in it! One day I was in my room screaming lyrics to some songs by Demi Lovato with my best friend Casy when my mom came in and told me to pack. I had had to leave everyone I love in California. All my friends, my boyfriend, my dance group, my band, EVERYONE! It really hurt and I missed them SOOO much I wanted to scream. "We're here honey" my mom said snapping me out of my thoughts. I nodded in reply but did not speak. "Honey I know you are upset but you are going to love it here I promise." "Doubt it" I grumbled under my breath. "Excuse me" she snapped as we pulled into the parking lot. "Nothing" I murmured. And within seconds I was being herded into my worst nightmare by none other than my mother.


"Class today we have a new student from Canada her name is April Jennings. Now are there any empty seats ... oh how about right there". She said pointing to a seat beside a curly haired boy with green eyes. Once I twas seated she began a lecture about math. "Urgggg I hate math!!!!" I muttered under my breath. The boy next to me chuckled and said "me too". I stifled a giggle because the teacher was looking in our direction.

"Hi I'm Harry"

"Hi I'm April"

"Ummm yeah I know mrs Henderson just introduced you"

"Oh ummmm..."

I said embarrassed that I had forgotten her introducing me just minutes ago. The rest of the day went well, I made 3 new friends: Lilly carter, Jessica smith and Ella Cortez. Oh and of course Harry. Once the bell rang I sprinted to the bus and plopped down into an empty seat. Soon after I heard a male voice ask if he could sit beside me, I simply nodded not bothering to look up. About 4 minutes into the ride he cleared his throat and I looked up into his sparkling green eyes it was Harry. For the rest of the bus ride we talked and immediately hit it off, we decided we would sit together on the bus everyday. Once we got to our stop we got another big surprise we were next door neighbours. Today was the best day ever and as my mother had expected I already loved it here.

Harry's POV:

Today in school mrs Henderson introduced a new student in our class. Her name was April Jennings and she was really pretty. During mrs Henderson's boring lecture on math I heard her mutter I hate math, that made me chuckle. We talked and I introduced myself, then later on I noticed she was sitting alone on the bus so I asked to sit with her. She agreed without even a glance and I knew she didn't know it was me so after a few minutes I cleared my throat in an attempt to get her attention. It worked, she looked at me and smiled. We talked for a while and I really liked her. We decided to meet together on the bus everyday and walk home together. After that we found out we were next door neighbours. I was thrilled now I could really get to know her and we could be best friends. Now I'm just laying in bed thinking about her... Wow wait a minute do I like her?

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