The tragic story of Elektra

Elektra's story hasn't ended- yet (read living a dream to understand!:D) Michael and Elektra are just as hocked as each other, until a tragedy makes life impossible.


2. THe reality.

I shook my head. how could this be happening?

"Elektra!!!" it was Michael he leaned in close to me "The Doctor said-" he Stared at me his jaw was open in shock.

"I pronounced my self dead .." I sat up my head hurting like hell i grabbed his hand, he told me everything would be ok...


The crew walked over, Michael hung his head low.. "Its' ok guys she is alive..." he mumbled and looked over at me bearing a slight smile.

I managed to sit up it hurt really badly but I tried to how no emotion.

"What happened?" Harry asked

"Was it serious?!" Niall chirped

"How are you feeling?" Liam pondered caringly

"Should we call your mum?.." Louis smiled sweetly

"Let the pair have some space guys, hope you feel better soon!" Zayn nodded

they went to the astro to play footie.

Mum the word echoed in my head...


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