The tragic story of Elektra

Elektra's story hasn't ended- yet (read living a dream to understand!:D) Michael and Elektra are just as hocked as each other, until a tragedy makes life impossible.


3. The real pain

He helped me up his arms gently linked under mine. I stood up hugging him.
As all the commotion came to an end we linked arms and, i hobbled but anyways, we went to sit at the canteen.


"I could have lost you, it hurt me so badly when I saw you like that" i smiled at him briefly.

"I'm sat right here beside you. It's ok!"
"Why, why you, before I knew what had happened, it hit you.." He looked down crying a little. I sighed.

"I hurt you, you know the first day we met, but that wasn't my fault, It was, one of the crew, don't remember.. the thing is, I'm no ordinary girl. My mum.., I cant handle the emotional pain. My life had been a wreck. you know. When i met you well, i thought times had changed. anyway enough about me. but. My head hurt so bad!..." I laughed a little I looked out of the window the wind blowing leaves peacefully around, i stood up. I headed back outside....

Michael came running after me "How, why but-" He looked at me puzzled and hurt. I cried a little then, how could i leave this innocent boy when we'd only just met. I  couldn't think of anything else to say . we were outside in the car park now it was freezing.

Michael broke the silence with a cheeky kiss....

I heard tyres screech round the corner before i knew what I was doing i threw myself at it mouthing one last time "I love you" At him. but then it froze, it exploded into flames. " Shrieks came from all directions Michael scream was so innocent so broken. I broke him.


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