The tragic story of Elektra

Elektra's story hasn't ended- yet (read living a dream to understand!:D) Michael and Elektra are just as hocked as each other, until a tragedy makes life impossible.


4. story of Elektra's ghostly past.

No One' POV.

Michael stared at her helplessly, seconds ago she was beside him. now she was dead. DEAD. just  then the shrieking of sirens came closer. The Van turned the corner. Michael stood frozen in the road staring at Elektra. Then a second bang hit everyone started running over, seeing the pair's crumpled bodies in the road. Paramedics soon started to run around trying to save the pair from the tragedy.

Flash back.

"ELEKTRA GET DOWN HERE NOW!" her stepfather screeched

"GET ME SMIRNOFF NOW" He snarled at her he chucked the money in her hand. "BETTER GIVE ME BACK THE CHANGE GIRL" "OR YOU KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN. YOU'LL FOLLOW YOUR MOTHERS FOOTSTEPS RIGHT TO THE GRAVE. HE CROSSED ME ONCE TO OFTEN" Elektra gasped he shoved her out of the door. As soon as he did he sprinted to the train station today was the day she would escape from her own death sentence. And that abuser of a man.

End of flash back.

"I'm so sorry, we tried, the heart wasn't Strong enough. dead." The head mistress. gasped and fell into flood of tears. But who hadn't survived, and was it a false alarm?


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