The tragic story of Elektra

Elektra's story hasn't ended- yet (read living a dream to understand!:D) Michael and Elektra are just as hocked as each other, until a tragedy makes life impossible.


5. Event's and new faces

No one's POV.

'One dead. School tragedy. '

The head mistress read.

' An incident occurred when one pupil attempted to throw her self in front of an on coming vehicle. (Elektra 15 yrs) She got hit badly on the side before the bonnet smashed into flames. The driver only suffered minor injuries. The boy (Michael 15 yrs) then ran out to help her, seconds later he got hit by a police truck that was speeding around the corner, not expecting anyone to be stood in the middle of the road. He got hit badly in the back, causing a minor dent in the front of the vehicle. Paramedics arrived minutes later...'  

Her foot steps echoed as she stepped away from the podium. Everyone was silent no one looked at her directly. Then to everyone' shock the doors swung open and a shadowy figure stood.

"WHERE IS THAT GIRL, ELEKTRA. SHE WAS THE ONE WHO THREW HERSELF IN FRONT OF A CAR. STUPID GIRL. SHE RAN AWAY ALL THOSE YEAR AGO. Who died, or are they both alive, this wouldn't be a huge scandal would it?" He yelled.

"You would know, wouldn't you since your meant to be doing a 5 year stretch with my parents for fraud. Remember me? When we first met, before my parents started the fraud again with you. That's why I'm in care. see. Lucky for you there  police still assessing the incident." The boy stared at the man

"Rick?" the man gasped.

"Charlie, thought you'd never get caught.." Rick smirked as police officers surrounded the man



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