I Love You Babe

Stacey Has Lost So Much In So Little Time.
Would She Be Able To Carry On With Life?
Would Life Ever Get Better?


1. Loss


Stacey P.O.V


 " Please, Don't..."

" You Deserve It, It's Your Fault Your Mother Died, " My So Called Father Screams.

I Start Crying, Everyone Says It Was My Fault But I Don't Know Why, People Say She Died After She Gave Birth To Me But That Was All I Knew, Never Talked About It, Never Asked Anyone. My Dad Hates Me, He Says If I Wasn't Born They Could Have Lived Happily. My Dad Drinks, He Gets Drunk Nearly Everyday. He Said I Have To Get Punished So Everyday He Whips Me With His Belt, It Hurts Like Hell, Each Day Getting Worse And Worse. Today...

" Don't Burn Me, Please," I Whisper, Shaking, Scared.

" Make Me, I Should Have Killed You, Your Lucky Your Still Alive, Ha," He Laughs.


" I'll Answer That And You Witch Stay Put Or You Won't Be Breathing Any Longer," He Cackles.

He Stomped Out, I Was Scared To Death. He Is Going To Kill Me. My Brain Racing With Unwanted Thoughts. THINK STACEY, THINK.

If I Could Run Away, Where Would I Go? Can I Run Away? Is This My Only Chance? YES!

I Don't Have Time To Think, I Pack My School Bag With A Water Bottle, A Sandwich, A Diary And Other Bits And Bobs. I Run Down The Stairs, Not Making A Noise And Open The Door To Enter The Outside World. Where Shall I Go?

Dad's P.O.V

Stupid So Called Daughter Of Mine, Where Is She?

What If She Reports Me To The Police, If She Can Kill Her Mom She Has Every Intention To Get Me Jailed. Stupid Cow! Where Is She? I Should Have Killed Her, She Is So.... URRGGGG!




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